Silver Lane

Silver Lane 1933
Title Silver Lane
Date 1933
Location Yeadon
Photo ID R113A
Comment Deep snow in the Silver Lane area.
Silver Lane 1933

R113B – Silver Lane, 1933.

Silver Lane – 1933

A woman stands on a cleared path, deep snow to each side of her.

Silver Lane 1933

DD094 – Silver Lane, 1933.

Silver Lane – 1933

This was the winter of 1933, when record falls of snow were recorded. The view looks towards St. Andrews Church (now New Life Church, January 2014)) on Silver Lane, the property on the left has since been demolished.

Silver Lane Undated

FB047 – Silver Lane, Undated.

Silver Lane – Undated

Silver Lane looking towards St Andrews Church. The building on the right with the sign “Yeadon Nurseries” has been demolished. The new section of wall on the right is the way in to Suffolk Court and a medical practice at Silver Lane Surgery.

Silver Lane 2016

V288 – Silver Lane, 2016.

Silver Lane – 2016

Property previously occupied by the Natwest Bank which closed in December 2015.

Silver Lane 2016

V346 – Silver Lane, 2016.

Silver Lane – 2016

Empty premises which were formerly a branch of the Natwest Bank.

Photographer Joanne Coultas.

Previous Comments:

On the corner on the left about where the lamp post is was Silver lane fisheries and when the road was dug up a few years ago I could see the whitewashed cellar where my father and I used to skin fish and chop chips for the shop in the 1930’s.
25 June 2013.

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