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Steep 1900
Title Steep
Date 1900
Location Yeadon
Photo ID I103
Comment Looking from the Green up Town Street, known locally as “the Steep”. In this 1900 image crowds of people are gathered. Donated by Paul Weston.
Steep 1960s

L121 – Steep, 1960s.

Steep – 1960s

A man with a bicycle is toiling up the cobbled incline which gives Town Street it’s local name “the Steep” which is in the foreground.
The view then continues looking up the High Street, to the left is the Post Office, now relocated next to Morrisons at the top of the High Street, the premises have since been used as various bars and restaurants. Next we can see Gallons supermarket then M H Rigg butcher.

Photographer Charles Lideard, donated by his daughter Christine Hogg.

Steep 1960s

L152 – Steep, 1960s.

Steep – 1960s

Looking down the Steep to the Green, on the right is a pavement and handrail to assist pedestrians to reach the bottom safely, or those coming in the opposite direction to haul themselves up!

Photographer Charles Lideard, donated by his daughter Christine Hogg.

Steep 1960s

L173 – Steep, 1960s.

Steep – 1960s

This is towards the bottom of the Steep, on the left is the Temperance Hall, now used as a dance studio and beauty college.
On the right the vacant plot now has a block of apartments on it, the tree is still standing and the land behind the wall is a green space.
Part of Manor Mill can be seen on the upper left edge with it’s mill chimney.

Photographer Charles Lideard, donated by his daughter Christine Hogg.

Steep 1966

I305 – Steep, 1966.

Steep – 1966

The area to the upper left was Hudson’s Yard.

Photographer James Farrar, donated by his son David.

Steep 1967

H148 – Steep, 1967.

Steep – 1967

Demolition of old property is taking place on the left, the site was used for apartments, other properties at the top of the Steep still remain. On the right is the corner with Sandy Way and what was a branch of the Rawdon Industrial Co-operative Society or the “Co-op” as these stores were usually referred to.

Photographer Bryan Waite, donated by his family.

Steep 1978

A071 – Steep, 1978.

Steep – 1978

Looking up the precipitous road known as the Steep.
On the left at the bottom of the High Street is a newsagents shop, then the business of Cliffe’s. Next, at the junction with Ivegate is the Oxfam shop, it relocated to premises further up the High Street. The buildings at the top of the Steep were part of Dixon’s Mill. The spire of Yeadon Town Hall can be seen above the buildings.

Steep 1978

A072 – Steep, 1978.

Steep – 1978

To the left is Ivegate then the view looks down the Steep.
“Campsport” and the adjoining buildings were once part of Dixon’s mill, opened on 1st March 1806. At the top of the Steep is a travel agency run by H. J. Waye and Son, next a hairdressers, above the sign “Just Hair” is a date stone marked 1782. This is thought to refer to Dixon’s occupation of the property.

Steep 1978

A061 – Steep, 1978.

Steep – 1978

Rear view of Town Street locally known as the Steep, the gradient of this cobbled road can be judged from this view!
In the middle rear view of buildings once part of Dixons Mill and Dixon House.
There is a date stone over a door at the beginning of the Steep which is inscribed 1782.

Steep 1978

A062 – Steep, 1978.

Steep – 1978

Again a rear view, to the right a buttressed wall which surrounds a car park on Ivegate.

Steep 1980

P192 – Steep, 1980.

Steep – 1980

Looking up to the junction with the High Street, on the left is Wray’s clothes shop.
In the centre is Yeadon Library which opened in the former Co-operative stores building in June 1968.

Donated by Graham Wood.

Steep 1986

FBA059 – Steep, 1986.

Steep – 1986

Looking down the Steep to the Temperance Hall, on the right, at the top, is Wray’s clothing shop.

Donated by John Denison.

Steep 1999

Y14 – Steep, 1999.

Steep – 1999

Looking down Town Street from the junction with the High Street.
On the left is a shuttered property which was incorporated into the Great Outdoors shop which is entered from around the corner on Ivegate.
Next a hairdressers which has a datestone above the door inscribed “1782 Dixon Mill”. The property was built by Samuel Dixon, son of James Dixon, the business began trading in 1806. The mill complex included property on Ivegate, Rivoli Pizza shop has a plaque on the wall which states it was formerly called Dixon House. At the bottom of the Steep is the Temperance Hall. On the right side is a handrail, a necessity in icy weather!
The shops here included Wray’s outfitters.

Steep 2000

I103 – Steep, 2000.

Steep – 2000

Image shows Home Electrics on the left, facing down from the corner with Sandy Way is a Pet Shop, this was formerly a branch of the Rawdon Co-op.
A sign in the right foreground advertises the Tut & Shive hotel, this was the Robin Hood hotel before the name was changed.

Donated by Paul Weston.

Steep 2002

C199 – Steep, 2002.

Steep -2002

On the left edge is a section of window which belongs to the Great Outdoors store which faces onto Ivegate.
The window above Waye & Son Travel Agents also belongs to the Great Outdoors, Slash Hairdressers is next.

Donated by Sam Skinner.

Previous Comments:

Re A062
When I was young where the van is and the cars used to be a grey Pea shop where we used to go after the pictures at the Temperance hall for a plate of Grey peas before walking home. We sat on wooden forms at a stone table and the only warmth came from the pea boiler so we didn’t stay too long .
07 June 2013.

Re L121
This is how I remember the Steep riding down the cobbles on my bike bump bump and having to push it back up again! Walking up there after a night out watching a film at the “Temp” with a bag of chips or scraps! 1960’s.
23 November 2016.

Re L121 & L152
Does anyone remember the cobblers next door to Wray’s outfitters, higher up the steep.
Seen on the pictures the shop front painted green.
At some point it was known as Coombes, probably in the 1970’s.
11 October 2017.

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