Storey Evans

Title Storey Evans
Date 1980’s
Location Rawdon
Photo ID FB092

Originally this building was part of the old Larkfield Mill situated on Larkfield Road. Storey Evans were a carton and label printers who are now solely manufacturing packaging for pharmaceutical companies.

The previous occupants W B Cartwrights & Co. Ltd, also produced pills and potions.

Donated by Joyce Wilson.

Y023 – From Larkfield Road.

Storey Evans – 1980s

Seen from Larkfield Road, Storey Evans print works, the business was located here from around 1911.The rear of the premises housed W B Cartwrights & Co, Ltd, patent medicine manufactures, ‘Rennies’ indigestion tablets were made there. 

Y024 – From Larkfield Road.

Storey Evans – 1980s

Situated on Larkfield Road, this site was originally Larkfield woollen mill built in 1825, by the Thompson family.

Around 1870, it became the concern of Willian Croft Forrest, woollen manufacturer, Storey Evans occupied the building from 1911.

Y025 – Reception Entrance.

Storey Evans – 1980s

The sign points left to reception and right to the print works.  The company relocated to Robin Mill, Greengates, Bradford, printing and producing packaging. 

Y026 – Former Gate House.

Storey Evans -1980s

The car parking area, the building which resembles an old toll house at the yard entrance was possibly built as a security measure to check employees in and out.
This followed attacks by Luddites in the area in 1812, when Low Mill (another Thompson owned mill was targeted), by 1825, when Larkfield Mill began operating Luddite activity had ceased but the period was an uneasy one with much political and general unrest among the population.

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