Sunspring Works

Sunspring Works C1977

Title Sunspring Works
Date c1977
Location Guiseley
Photo ID PU041
Comment Sunspring company was owned by the Wood family and located off Oxford Road, these people were part of the workforce: 2nd right at the back is Roy Gillingham, standing at the front 3rd from the left is Mick Lee. Kneeling in the centre is Billy Waters.
Sunspring Works c1977

PU044 – Sunspring Works, c1977.

Sunspring Works – c1977

A group of employees, in the centre and 2nd left is Dennis Weir.

Sunspring Works 2000

PU046A – Sunspring Works, c1977.

Sunspring Works – 2000

A group of staff, the woman is believed to have been a secretary.

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