Temperance Hall / Rawdon Empire

Temperance Hall/Rawdon Empire Undated
Title Temperance Hall / Rawdon Empire
Date Undated
Location Rawdon
Photo ID F128
Comment Built in 1924 by the Brotherhood of Rechabites, the ground floor was a meeting hall, the upper floor was used as a cinema.

The Rechabites left in 1927 and the premises became a dedicated cinema – the Rawdon Empire.

This closed in 1956 and was left derelict until the early 1960s, when it was demolished and a petrol station was erected on the site. This in turn has now gone and housing taken its place.
On the left is a shop which was the business of Peggy Shilton which was a hairdressers, a sweet shop is on the right.

A notice reads: ‘Rawdon Brotherhood Every Sunday at 3.15 All Men Are Welcome’

Temperance Hall/Rawdon Empire Undated

FF118 – Temperance Hall/Rawdon Empire, Undated.

A poor quality image of The Empire Cinema on New Road Side, also known as Rawdon Temperance Hall, it is now demolished.

Temperance Hall/Rawdon Empire Undated

A party to celebrate the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II held in the Temperance Hall which was located beneath the Empire Cinema.

Donated by Howard German.

Temperance Hall/Rawdon Empire 1964

D399 – Temperance Hall/Rawdon Empire, 1964.

Temperance Hall & Rawdon Empire – 1964

Formerly the Temperance Hall and the Empire Cinema is in the process of demolition. This image gives a last glimpse of the stalls and cinema screen.

Previous Comments:

Yes my Mum and I used to go to Peggy Shilton’s. She lived in a large house near where the Medical Centre is now in New Road Side and moved her hairdressing to there. Her husband used to cut my hair with a razor and it was the best haircut I ever had! I love the photos of the “Temp” I went to the Saturday matinee there many times 3 Stooges, Bowry Boys and Roy Rogers and Trigger – happy days.
04 July 2014

Besides being a cinema in the late 1920’s early 30’s several concert parties used to put on shows, as it had a large stage. On one occasion an upstairs window had to be taken out to allow an elephant to be hoisted up, unfortunately do not know what the show was or the size of the elephant ( guess it must have been a small one ). But I do know on good authority that the emergency exit which you can just see on the right hand side could be operated by persons not named to let in their friends, needless to say the Gents toilet was at the top of the steps.
01 April 2016

Peggy Shiltons shop was a hairdressers not hardware.
19 February 2013

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