The Station Hotel

The Station Hotel 1983

Title The Station Hotel
Date 1983
Location Yeadon
Photo ID Y078
Comment This pub is located on Henshaw Lane. Photographer Dennis Court.
The Station Hotel 31 Dec 2013

R291 – The Station Hotel, 2013.

The Station Hotel – 2013

31st December 2013 – A winter view of the Station Hotel on Henshaw Lane.
Taken during a snow storm at night the camera lens has been speckled with snow flakes giving an unusual effect.

Photographer Howard Thompson.

The Station Hotel 2014

L072 – The Station Hotel, 2014.

The Station Hotel – 2014

Located on Henshaw Lane the Inn was formerly called the ‘Malt Sack’, the name was changed after the railway came to Yeadon in 1894. The landlord in 1904 was W Smith.

Photographer John Arundel.

The Station Hotel 2017

L582 – The Station Hotel, 2017.

The Station Hotel – 2017

The Station Hotel, December 2017.  The Hotel had been closed for some time.  It was refurbished and reopened in December 2017, by Sunny Chana, who supplied the photograph. It has since been closed again.

The Station Hotel 2016

W178 – The Station Hotel, 2016.

The Station Hotel – 2016

The Station public house on Henshaw Lane with a “To Let” sign.

Photographer Edwy Harling.

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Re Y078
j. Dean
The building on the right was Hustlers Engineering Works, now demolished and new houses are on the site.
10 February 2019.

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