Town Street (2)

Town Street 1947
Title Town Street (2)
Date 1947
Location Rawdon
Photo ID J470
Comment A view of Town Street looking in the direction of St. Peter’s Church. On the left is Egerton Terrace and below that National School, to the right was the Naggs Head Ale House.
Town Street c1949

J490 – Town Street, c1949.

Town Street – c1949

A view of Town Street from near the top of Carr Lane.

Town Street 1949

U977 – Town Street, c1949.

Town Street – 1949

A view of Town Street from the bottom of Intake Lane on the left. Hardaker’s Newsagents on the left of Egerton Terrace at the end of which was the bakery. Opposite the bakery and the National School, you can just see the sign for the Naggs Head Ale House.

Town Street c1949

T169 – Town Street, 1949.

Town Street – 1949

A postcard photograph looking down Town Street from the junction with Intake Lane and a Newsagents shop on the left which is now a private dwelling.

Egerton Terrace also on the left.

The telephone box was moved and re positioned against the gable end of the house on the right hand side in the early 1950s.

The Newsagents were the Hardaker’s, then Austin’s and finally Stead’s before being used by a printing firm and later a dwelling.

Town Street c1949

T170 – Town Street, 1949.

Town Street – 1949

On the reverse is the following:
Billing Farm, Rawdon, Monday Morning

Dear Anne and Billie,
Do you know this PC, I said to Billie I won’t write to Anne but I will ring her when we got to St Ives and give her a surprise but however before ? ? ? dial we shall be in St Ives on the 8th of June somewhere about tea time but we are staying 3 nights at the St Ives Bay Hotel, is that far from you? I will ring you from there when we arrive all being well. It will be nice to see you again. We have sold the shop so had a bit more spare time, although Bill and Arthur have plenty to do on the farm they are on their own now so they are alright there. Wishing you all the best, see you soon, love ? ?.

Town Street 1950s

D049 – Town Street, 1950s.

Town Street – 1950s

Situated on Town Street just below the Emmott Arms, these houses were built around 1912 and sold for £49 10/-.

Town Street 1950s

S205 – Town Street, c1950.

Town Street – 1950

A view of Wentworth Terrace from the junction of Over Lane/Larkfield Road, with the Emmott Arms on the left. The top of Well Lane can be seen on the immediate right of the image just behind the bus stop.

Town Street 2014

N248 – Town Street, 2014.

Town Street – 2014

The Billing Tea Room and the Post Office on Town Street, which was the former Naggs Head Ale House.

Town Street 2014

N259 – Town Street, 2014.

Town Street – 2014

On the left is a hairdressers shop, further along is a Londis Store, then a café and Post office.

Town Street 2014

N317 – Town Street, 2014.

Town Street – 2014

The Village Bakery on Town Street, opposite the Post Office. St. Peter’s (C of E) Primary School, is just out of sight on the left.

Town Street 2014

R303 – Town Street, 2014.

Town Street – 2014

Sunningdale is a nursing and care home on Town Street.
Photographer Edwy Harling.

Previous Comments:

Re D049
We lived in Wentworth Terrace when I was born and shortly after moved to Larkfield Avenue. My Dad worked at Emsleys General Store in Town Street.
22 December 2013

Re N248
Val Ryan (nee Hoare)
My Mum was born at the Nags Head (now Billing Tearooms) My gran Clara Louisa Long and husband Walter Long ran the beerhouse frequented by local farm workers and labourers, from early 1900s to early 1920s. After Walter died my gran remarried Jack Braithwaite a local farmer and they moved over the road to be tenant farmers of Grange Farm next to Town Farm (known as Woods Farm) until about 1945 when Jack died. These were hard times for farmers but all my family talk of wonderful times there during haymaking and happy family Christmas parties in the farmhouse. I was unaware of it but I spent my early childhood in my pram and playing at the farm when my parents lived in Wentworth Terrace. Dad Harold worked at Emsleys just across the road from the farm and Mum Renie worked at Storey Evans on Larkfield.
13 January 2019

Re J490
The sycamore tree in the 4th picture is still standing proud on the right of the entrance to St. Peter’s car park.
26 August 2017

Re J490
Graham Branston
Carr Lane is down to the left of photo 1. The white cottage has been demolished. Behind it is what used to be the very popular Emsley family store with a corn mill behind the shop. You can see the shop sign. Val Ryan’s father worked there for a while. Further along on the same side was a small abattoir with a butcher’s shop opposite – fresh meat daily from the farm on the other side of Town Street which was next to Billing Farm Cottage, to right of photo.
26 August 2017

Re J490
Debbie Trimm
My Great grandmother Esther Barrett lived in the cottage that is opposite the top of Carr Lane, No: 31, it is shown in several pictures, the farm is next door to the cottages, I can remember playing with one of the boys at the farm as a child when I visited. My gran father Walter Barrett then got the house which passed to my grandmother Kathleen Barrett where my mother lived with her sister and brother. Right opposite the house my uncle worked at the engineer works which was later demolished.
14 March 2022.

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