W B Cartwright & Co. Ltd. (2)

Cartwrights 1919
Title W B Cartwright & Co. Ltd. (2)
Date 1919
Location Rawdon
Photo ID H208
Comment W B Cartwright & Co. Ltd. – 1919 The caption reads, ‘A portion of the printing and Showcard Dept’
Cartwrights Undated

W B Cartwright & Co. Ltd. – 1950/60

A busy department at Cartwright’s Larkfield Works.

Donated by Eddie Jenkinson.

H268 – Cartwrights, 1950/60.

Cartwrights 1958

I119 – Cartwrights, 1958.

W B Cartwright & Co. Ltd. – 1958

A staff photograph, the location appears to be near the Billing, Rawdon.

Cartwrights 1966

W B Cartwright & Co. Ltd. – 1966

A staff presentation at W B Cartwrights, perhaps retirement gifts.

Photographer Bryan Waite, donated by his family.

I385 – Cartwrights, 1966.

Cartwrights Undated

B748 – Cartwrights, Undated.

W B Cartwright & Co. Ltd. – Undated

Seen in the tablet making department are on the left Tommy Carter and Eddie Laurie on the right.

Donated by Joyce Wilson.

Cartwrights Undated

W B Cartwright & Co. Ltd. – Undated

An exterior part of the building, the road leading to the bottom of the photograph turns left and continues all around the complex and the ‘cinder’ footpath prior to turning left leads to Rawdon Football ground and the Billing.

Photographer Jack Firth.

D992 – Cartwrights, Undated.

Cartwrights Undated

D993 – Cartwrights, Undated.

W B Cartwright & Co. Ltd. – Undated

At work in the general office of the company.

Cartwrights Undated

W B Cartwright & Co. Ltd. – Ladies Football Team – Undated

A ladies football team, players included Patricia Elsworth, Susan Buckle and Avis Hunt.

Donated by Patricia Elsworth.

E919 – Cartwrights, Ladies Football Team, Undated.

Previous Comments:

Re I365
I started work at Cartwrights on 6th January 1960, and recognise a few people in this picture. I remember Miss. Wooler and Mr. Pilgrim.
29 June 2015.

Elizabeth V Ryan
Worked at Cartwrights in my school holidays 1960s canning anti-freeze on a conveyor belt! It was hard physical work filling/capping and labelling large cans and very messy. I was a permanent blue/green colour! Am sure Health and Safety would not allow these days! I remember we had the Time and Motion men clocking us and all the regular staff were not happy and told us to work slower! My Mum and my Dad worked at Storey Evans at different times. It was great around the factory buildings as they had ramps and perfect for roller skating and cycling I spent hours there tiddler fishing and skating at the dam. There would be masses of crates of bottles of various size and colour stacked between the sheds and the area had its own special aroma!
13 October 2019

Re B748
Susan Rawnsley
The gentleman at the back is Ronnie Pearson. He lived with his wife Kath in the row of cottages to the side of Cartrights.
Mr Sidney Pilgrim a lovely man.
13 October 2019.

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