Wharfedale View

Wharfedale View 2016
Title Wharfedale View
Date 2016
Location Yeadon
Photo ID W035
Comment Construction of apartments for the elderly and people with additional needs, along with cafe and lounge areas. Built on the site previously occupied by Howarth Court. Wharfedale View has extra care apartments so older people can get the care they prefer in their own home. By living in one of the innovative 45 extra care apartments opened in 2016. Photographer Edwy Harling.
Wharfedale View 2016

W119 – Wharfedale View, 2016.

Wharfedale View – 2016

Wharfedale View is the new apartment block under construction seen behind the older buildings at the top of the image.

Wells Street is the road in the foreground running down to the bottom of Town Street (the Steep) on the left.
The white painted building is the former Oddfellows Inn (also Rag & Louse), now converted into 2 houses (September 2016).

Photographer Joanne Coultas.

Wharfedale View 2016

D791 – Wharfedale View, 2016.

Wharfedale View – 2016

An apartment in the new complex, a view which looks to the end of Old Haworth Lane, then Queensway with a long distance vista to moors.

Photographer Carlo Harrison.

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