Woodleigh Hall 1869 – 1993

Woodleigh Hall Undated
Title Woodleigh Hall 1869 – 1993
Date Undated
Location Rawdon
Photo ID B220
Comment Woodleigh Hall seen from the West, it was built by Lockwood and Mawson in 1869, for Moses Bottomley. Mr Bottomley had a mill in Shelfield which specialised in mohair and alpaca production. In the interwar years it was the home of W Booth, then from 1950, it served as a nurses home for the staff of Woodlands Hospital. It is now a private nursing home having closed for the nurses. (February 2013) The following four photographs show various aspects of the property.
Woodleigh Hall Undated

B321 – Woodleigh Hall, Undated.

Woodleigh Hall Undated

H236 – Woodleigh Hall, Undated.

Woodleigh Hall Undated

H237 – Woodleigh Hall, Undated.

Woodleigh Hall Undated

H238 – Woodleigh Hall, Undated.

Woodleigh Hall – Undated

 To see where the nurses who were housed here worked – Click Here

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Woodleigh Hall is no longer a private nursing home and has not been for some time (despite the sign on the gates!) The house is privately owned. The former nursing quarters and some of the hall have been converted into flats.
30 May 2013

I lived in this nurses home in 1966, when a student nurse studying for orthopaedic diploma. It was a beautiful building ..
24 October 2014

I spent happy times living in Woodleigh Hall when it was the nurses home for Woodlands.. What a beautiful building and what happy memories I have of this place. I was 17 years old and it was my first time away from home, I remember the lovely wide sweeping staircase best and the conservatory full of Camellias. Any one else out there remember those things?
16 March 2018

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