WW1 Memorial

WW1 Memorial 1993
Title WW1 Memorial
Date 1993
Location Yeadon
Photo ID U24
Comment In 1993 Yeadon’s WWI Memorial was found in Horsforth. (Where in Horsforth has not been recorded.)
WW1 Memorial 1993

U26 – WW1 Memorial, 1993.

WW1 Memorial – 1993

WW1 Memorial 1993

U27 – WW1 Memorial, 1993.

WW1 Memorial – 1993

Now in Yeadon Town Hall.

Previous Comments:

Hi – Where are these panels located now – were they returned to Yeadon?
10 November 2018.

It appears that the memorial on the balcony is the same one as the centre panel is, identical.
12 November 2018.

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