WW1 (Guiseley) 1914-1918

Territorials 1913

Title Territorials
Date 1913
Location Guiseley
Photo ID G144
Comment Seen on Oxford Road, the men who belonged to the Territorial Army were returning from their annual camp, marching from Guiseley Station to the Drill Hall on Victoria Road. The Station public house is on the left, the building with the tower on the right belonged to the Yeadon and Guiseley Gas Company. The Nidd Valley Laundry has shop premises lower down, the last shop on the right is Gash Fruit Stores. Just in front of this shop is a sign warning “Danger Drive Slowly”.
Territorial Army 1914

J11 – Territorial Volunteers, 1914.

Territorial Volunteers – 1914

Second contingent of Territorial Army volunteers who would be sent overseas to fight in the 1st World War. The photo was taken outside the Drill Hall on Victoria Road.

Territorial Army c1914

J19 – Territorial Army, c1914.

Territorial Army – c1914

6th Reserve Battalion, Duke of Wellington’s West Yorkshire Regiment, outside the Drill Hall on Victoria Road.

Territorial Volunteers 1914

B285 – Territorials, 1914.

Territorial Volunteers – 1914

On Monday 3rd of August, the Guiseley Company of Territorial’s were undergoing their annual training in Marske, when they were called home.
The following day, August 4th war was declared, they were ordered to join their Regiment at Headquarters in Skipton.
In the evening Captain Chaffer and Lieutenant Law departed from Guiseley station with 62 men. Crowds assembled from the Drill Hall on Victoria Road to the station to cheer them on their way.

Territorial Volunteers 1914

I114 – Territorial Volunteers, 1914.

Territorial Volunteers – 1914

November 27th 2014 – AHS Newspaper Article.
This photo and article were published in the Wharfedale Observer. It prompted 22,763 people to open the article on the Aireborough Historical Society Facebook page to look at the original photo and read the text.

A Group of Men c1914/18

Z143 – A Group of Men, c1914-1918.

A Group of Men – c1914/1918

A relaxed group of smartly dressed men with two in Army uniform.
They are in front of the Cross and Stocks (in their original position), to the left is the Albion Inn and the Conservative Club, the pale coloured houses on the right have since been demolished.
They all appear to be happy, possibly celebrating a wedding in St. Oswald’s Church which is behind them.

Donated by Christine Spink.

Wounded Soldiers 1914-1918

B283 – Wounded Soldiers, 1914-1918.

Wounded Soldiers – 1914/1918

Wounded soldiers and a concert party who had entertained them in Guiseley Town Hall.
The show was interrupted when the Army entered and closed the show causing an uproar.

War Work 1914-1918

B280 – War Work, 1914-1918.

War Work – 1914/1918

A group of women who did sewing for local hospitals, rolled bandages and performed other useful tasks which would aid the War effort.

Reserved Occupation Bade 1914-1918

B733 – Reserved Occupation Badge, 1914-1918.

Reserved Occupation Badge – 1914/1918

Reserved occupation badge issued to an employee of Guiseley Iron Foundry.

Wearing this badge was compulsory for the foundry employees during WW1 to show they were in a reserved occupation.

Roll of Honour 1914-1918

N113 – Roll of Honour, 1914-1918.

Roll of Honour – 1914/1918

Roll of Honour. Men from Guiseley Station who served in the Great European War 1914-1919.

Men Killed in Action:

Tom Pagan – 1st Leicester Regt; George Thomas Gurmin – 18th West Yorks (Leeds Pals); F J Chandler. DCM. 1st Norfolk Regt; J Butcher – Royal Engineers; J Pickles – 2nd Lancs Fusiliers; A Frankish – Remount Dept. ASC; E Perkins – HMS Botha; H Jennings – 17th West Riding Regt; J Brown – Royal Engineers; H Lister – Royal Field Artillery; J McCone, G Dodds – HMS Canada; J W Hainsworth – 6th Duke of Wellington’s Regt; R Butterfield – 24th Gloucester Regt; J Aveling – 4th Kings Liverpool Regt; H Robinson – 7th West Yorks; W R Stokes – 1st Welsh Guards; J P Egglestone – Mechanical Transport ASC; E Cordingley – 24th Duke of Wellingtons Regt; J B Penny – 1st Grenadier Guards; A Bromley – Heavy Artillery; M W Smith – HMS Nairana; T Perks – 1st West Yorks Regt; H Hogg – 2nd Duke of Wellington Regt; W C Rogers – ? Duke of Wellington Regt; J Exley – West Yorks Regt.

Towngate Service 1921

FF160 – Towngate Service, 1921.

Towngate Service – 1921

28th June 1921 – The service was for the consecration of the Lychgate as a memorial to the fallen of 1914 – 18.
The dedication was led by Dr. Perowne, Bishop of Bradford, standing with the clergymen is Sir Hugh Bell.
Houses in the background were demolished but on the right the shop which belonged to John Dibb still stands with adjoining property. (February 2013)
On the left is an early telephone kiosk.

Field Gun Emplacement 1928

R066 – Field Gun Emplacement, 1928.

Field Gun Emplacement – 1928

In 1918, Guiseley was presented with a captured German field gun by the Government, the Town Council located it on Towngate.
After 10 years, the Council wanted to remove it, but Canon Howson, Rector of Guiseley and the British Legion disagreed.
They wished to retain the gun as a monument to those who had given their lives for freedom.
It was decided to move the gun into the Rectory grounds, this is a photo of the building of an emplacement for the gun to stand on.
Canon Howson can be seen wearing his clerical collar and holding a spade.
A large oak cross with the words “Give Peace In Our Time O Lord” stood with the gun.
It was moved into the Rectory grounds just before Remembrance Day 1928.

British Legion Dinner 19129

C418 – British Legion Dinner, 1929.

British Legion Dinner – 1929

Members of the Guiseley Branch of the British Legion assembled for their annual dinner.

Remembrance Day 1936

W452 – Remembrance Day, 1936.

Remembrance Day – 1936

A service in Towngate which centred around the Cross and stocks, led by Archdeacon Lowe, Rector of Guiseley.

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Re J11
Third row, fourth man in, is George Edwin Thackray, killed on Hill 70, Loos area, leading a bayonet charge in 1916, on 12th of May, 20 years old, no known grave.
20 February 2013.

Re J11
Third row, extreme left, wearing a flat cap, is Charles E H Yates. He served in the Royal Veterinary Corps, nursing the sick and wounded horses.
25 June 2021.

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