If you would like to comment on a page – to do that you need to be registered. To register – you will need to create yourself a username and enter your email address. The system will then create you a password and email that to you.
N.B. – it is not necessary to register to view this site, registration is required to comment.

Below are some screenshots to help you register.

Your Username cannot be changed without being deleted – choose wisely – if you comment it will be visible to others!

All comments will be reviewed and approved (or not) before they become live.

Create your Username and add your email address, which will be used to confirm your registration.

When you see this screen – you are not finished – you need to go to your emails and confirm your email by clicking the link and then go to the login page.

Registration confirmation will be emailed to you. It will look like this: The user name you created. To set your password click the long blue url – if you do not receive this check any spam or junk folders.
This where you need to record your password – Notepad is a good place to do that on Windows computer.
Login This is where you actually login as opposed to register.
Here on the profile page you can add your First and Last name and a picture if you wish but not essential.
If you see your User Name in the top right corner you are logged in and able to comment. on pages. Comments will only be published after a review by the administrator.