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Aireborough Historical Society

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The Society was founded in 1957 to record and preserve the history of Aireborough, which consists of:-

  • Yeadon
  • Guiseley
  • Rawdon
  • Carlton
  • Hawksworth
  • Esholt
  • High Royds – Hospital

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The AHS Collection

Friday 16th February 2024

Saddlers Guiseley – c1895

Mr Sample was a saddler, the street sign to the right of his premises is for Bridge Street which no longer exists.

To the left is Herbert Sample, centre Thomas Arthur (born 1875, died 1950 and served in WW1) and on the left is James William Sample.

Donated by Anne North.

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Aireborough History From The Bronze Age To Today…

Aireborough 428 Squadron W J A C Band

Entrants in the North of England Band Contest, 1st W.J.A.C, who have formed a…

Army Cadets – 1968

Army Cadets with trophies, the names have been supplied: Michael Harper (Chunky), Trevor…

Brass Band

Rawdon Brass Band in uniform with their instruments, the drummer is possibly Tom Houlden who was born in 1856….


Hawksworth Residents enjoying an “old time” night.


The chapel, on the right, was built in 1847, the land and building materials were donated by Matthew Mitchell.

Yorkgate Wood

This photo shows a man strolling down a path in Yorkgate Wood. The wood was planted in the mid 1800s by John Hustler.

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