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Crompton Parkinson Works

Crompton Parkinson 1935

Title Crompton Parkinson Works
Date 1935
Location Guiseley
Photo ID V54
Comment Glass workers at Crompton Parkinson’s who produced lamps. In addition, they made a wide range of electrical components. In 1937 the company became a member of the Electrical Lamp Manufacturers Association.
Crompton Parkinson 1937

Z452 – Crompton Parkinson Works, 1937.

Crompton Parkinson Works – 1937

Aerial view of the Crompton Parkinson works on Netherfield Road which runs in front of the factory, in the bottom right corner is a glimpse of the railway line. 

Donated by Peter Wigglesworth.

Crompton Parkinson 1937

B231 – Crompton Parkinson Works, 1937.

Crompton Parkinson Works – 1937

The hosts of this party were Mr and Mrs Albert Parkinson, Mr Parkinson was a director of Crompton Parkinson’s lighting company on Netherfield Road.
The venue was Guiseley Trinity Methodist Church on Oxford Road.
Guests are seated with plates of food (ham salad?), there are also cake stands and flowers on the table.

Mrs Sarah Ellen Holmes and Mrs Ada Hargreaves are seated at the right hand front of the image.

Crompton Parkinson 1947

P078 – Crompton Parkinson Works, 1947.

Crompton Parkinson Works – 1947

On the right of the front row is Ellen Butterfield, she was the mother of Mary Long who donated this photo. Also identified by Anne Denise Hardcastle is her mother Esme Stebbings (Hardwick) seated in the front row 4th from the left; next to her 3rd left is Florrie Smith and behind her back row 3rd left is Betty Dibb.

Crompton Parkinson 1950s

E307 – Crompton Parkinson Works, 1950s.

Crompton Parkinson Works – 1950s

A very grainy photo, this group of people worked in the order department.

Crompton Parkinson 1968/70

P173 – Crompton Parkinson Works, 1968/70.

Crompton Parkinson Works – 1968/70

Crompton Parkinson Cricket Team.
This image was donated by Anne Houston, her father was Derek Nicholson in later years he was a white coat “production officer”.
He is seen here 3rd from the left on the back row, 1st left on the back row is Stan Hudson.
On the far right of the front row is Brian Exley. George Stocks front row, 2nd left,

Crompton Parkinson 1974

K066 – Crompton Parkinson Works, 1974.

Crompton Parkinson Works – 1974

Long service awards given to Crompton Parkinson staff, on the back row:
E L Smith, A P Scaife, H Hall, F Padgett, T A Banham, P R Gray, W Waterworth, A K Raper, F H King and B Exley.
Front row:
F H Pouch, Director, Mrs D Armstrong, Mrs E Elliott, Mrs W Newton, Miss I Cockcroft, Miss O Ottewell and Mr J H Yeadon, Director.

Crompton Parkinson 1983

C140 – Crompton Parkinson Works, 1983.

Crompton Parkinson Works – 1983

Crompton Parkinson Staff.

On the back row are, left to right: David Kennedy, Malcolm Butler, Bernard Sharpley, Maurice Wright, Les Riggs, ?, David Light, Chris Goldthorpe, Ken Levitt, Howard Baker, Peter Lyall.

Middle Row, left to right: Peter Wild, John Whitaker, Alwyn Ashley, David Robinson, John Moore, Alec Jackson, Dan O’Meara, Allan Tennant, Allan Ethridge, Ronnie Bownass, ?

Front Row, left to right: Molly Bolton, ?, Joan Martin, ? Miller, Jack Yeadon, Freddie Pouch, Carol Padgett, Jane Pick, Sheila Hartney, Ann Tennant, Marilyn Moore.

Crompton Parkinson 2004

E243 – Crompton Parkinson Works, 2004.

Crompton Parkinson Works – 2004

Two images of Crompton Parkinson works on Netherfield Road before demolition.

Crompton Parkinson 2004

E244 – Crompton Parkinson Works, 2004.

Crompton Parkinson Works – 2004

As above.

Crompton Parkinson 2004

E310 – Crompton Parkinson Works, 2004.

Crompton Parkinson Works – 2004

Looking across Crompton Parkinson works from the field behind, in the distance on the left is the Tranmere Park estate.

Crompton Parkinson 2004

E311 – Crompton Parkinson Works, 2004.

Crompton Parkinson Works – 2004

View over the Crompton Parkinson works looking towards Menston, the clock tower of what was then High Royds hospital can be seen, also towards the right St. Mary’s School.

Crompton Parkinson 2004

C451 – Crompton Parkinson Works, 2004.

Crompton Parkinson Works – 2004

The donor of this image David Ascough says “This was taken 29.6.2004.
As I remember most people left in April but I and a few others stayed a couple of months longer to wind things down”.

Crompton Parkinson Undated

D847 – Crompton Parkinson Works, Undated.

Crompton Parkinson Works – Undated

During demolition, the remains of the clock tower.

Crompton Parkinson 2006

J193 – Crompton Parkinson Works, 2006.

Crompton Parkinson Works – 2006

The clock tower from the Crompton Parkinson works is being removed after the factory had closed and was undergoing demolition. It was subsequently installed at the car park on Netherfield Road.

Previous Comments:

Re C451
Comments from our facebook page 30th March 2015:

Fiona Crossland: I left 1 year before it closed. Many happy memories.
Ken Roberts: Janet, I had no idea that Ted Ingle was your uncle. I knew him well & liked him a lot. I left Cromps in 2002 after 46 years there.
Andy Bodkin: I was still there too Dave. One of the last to leave.
Michelle (Duffersdinglebird) Duffield: My Dad would turn in grave if he knew what had happened to his beloved Parkinson’s that he lived and breathed for !
Janet Hall: My uncle worked there, Edward Ingle.
Gill Rogers: Best working years!
Margaret Barrington: I met my husband to be – Dave Barrington – in the works canteen here in 1968! I worked in the General Office and he worked in the E.D. Maintenance Department. I remember you Ken Roberts and Edward Ingle was one of his best mates at the time. Happy days.
Allison Hugill: I lived on Ings Crescent, till the mid 80s and I used to see this sight every day on my way to school. This photo brings back memories but at the time I bet I never gave Crompton’s a second look. Happy days.

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Last updated: 11 May 2022.

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