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The Cross Inn, 1904 – 1967

The Cross Inn 1906

Title The Cross Inn
Date 1906
Location Guiseley
Photo ID B049
Comment The Cross Inn which was on Towngate and named after the cross which stood in front of it. This was a beer house only, in 1904 the landlord was listed as J E Stewart “Sarah Crowther” on the name board has been painted over, perhaps she was a previous licensee? To the left is Lands Lane, adjoining the Cross Inn on the left is a fish and chip shop once Alf Jackson’s and then Peels. To the right is the smithy which was pulled down in 1907 for road improvements. A group of boys sit on the plinth of Guiseley cross, the gas lamp is set into the stump of the cross which had been destroyed and was restored in 1913. The stocks are in the foreground with a cart behind. The Cross Inn closed in 1967, the last landlord was Fred Wilson. Frank Parkinson Homes were built in the vicinity and in the early 1970s a memorial garden was created in front of the Parkinson Homes for a war memorial and the stocks and cross were moved back to the garden to ease traffic congestion. A message on the reverse of the card reads: “Dear sister we have been expecting a letter from you today & as we did not get one I thought I would send this PC. Father says you have to write every other day. Hope you are getting on alright. We are well Here. Herbert” It is addressed to: Miss Hilda Lees, Netherton nr Huddersfield
The Cross Inn 1913

A426 – The Cross Inn, 1913.

The Cross Inn – 1913

The Cross Inn is on the left, it was a beer house only.
In 1904 the landlord was J B Stewart, the board above the door in this photo has the licensee as Jasper Holmes.
The last landlord before the Inn closed in 1967 was Fred Wilson, his wife Nola Exley was a dancer who coached many amateur dancers for shows in the area. Behind the cross and stocks is the smithy, all this property was demolished, the Frank Parkinson Homes were erected on the site the first of two lots to be built in Guiseley.

The Cross Inn c1960s

D759 – The Cross Inn, c1960s.

The Cross Inn – c1960s

Public house which closed in 1967, it was demolished for road works.

The cross and stocks were relocated further back onto what would become the Garden of Remembrance. Donated by Alan Pickles.

Previous Comments:

Helen M.
Cross Inn – The West Yorkshire Alehouse Licenses (1771 – 1962) has a list of the licensees. It is not clear when each takes over, but 1903 starts with James Edwin Stewart, followed by Fred Crowther and then Sarah Crowther. (Perhaps Sarah above the door was painted over Fred’s name).
The 1911 census shows Simeon and Sarah Copley living at The Cross Inn and they’ve been married less than a year.
In April that year Jasper Holmes became licensee until his death in 1923.
26 August 2019.

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Last updated: 04 April 2022.

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