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The Station Hotel, c1890s – onwards

The Station Hotel 1890s

Title The Station Hotel
Date 1890s
Location Guiseley
Photo ID U10
Comment An early image of the public house, the photographer was positioned in a field which became the site of the Police Station.
The Station Hotel c1900

R292 – The Station Hotel, c1900.

The Station Hotel – c1900

A charming view of the Station Hotel on Otley Road with Oxford Road to the right.
This photo was taken before the trams came to Guiseley in 1909 and is a bucolic scene with a cow strolling across what is now the A65, one of the busiest roads in the area.
The Station Hotel has a canopy to the front which has since been removed, children sit beneath a gas lamp in the middle of the road, this is now a pedestrian controlled crossing.

The Station Hotel c1904

FF169 – The Station Hotel, c1904.

The Station Hotel – c1904

An early view of the Station Hotel, the canopy (no longer in situ) is decorated with swaging, on the wall is a noticeboard with train times.
In 1904 the landlord was G Hirst.

The Station Hotel 1930s

R227 – The Station Hotel, 1930s.

The Station Hotel – 1930s

This was a tea garden behind the pub which also had its own allotment.
The landlord was W Watson, serving Melbourne Brewery Gold Medal ales plus a range of other refreshments.
The gardens became overgrown and are now a car park.

Donated by Deborah Pratt.

The Station Hotel c1990

R289 – The Station Hotel, c1990.

The Station Hotel – c1990

The Station Hotel seen from Otley Road, a poster offers beer on offer at prices ranging from £1.53 to £1. 73. On the right is Oxford Road where there is a branch of the Yorkshire Bank which has closed (February 2016).

The Station Hotel 2006

FB109 – The Station Hotel, 2006.

The Station Hotel – 2006

The Station Inn is situated at the junction of Otley Road (A65) and Oxford Road which is to the right.
It was originally called the Fountain, the name was changed when the nearby railway station was built.

Photographer Joanne Coultas.

The Station Hotel 2014

E412 – The Station Hotel, 2014.

The Station Hotel – 2014

A new extension to the rear of the hotel, topped with a model engine. The view looks in the direction of Otley Road (A65).

Photographer Edwy Harling.

The Station Hotel 2014

E413 – The Station Hotel, 2014.

The Station Hotel – 2014

As above4.

The Station Hotel 2016

W185 – The Station Hotel, 2016.

The Station Hotel – 2016

Station Hotel at the corner with Otley Road (left foreground) and Oxford Road to the right.

Photographer Joanne Coultas.

Previous Comments:

Re R292
What an amazing view of the Station Hotel and hardly changed at all, the row of houses to the left are still there too.
Love the cow wandering across the road……… just made a delivery to Morrison’s no doubt!!
28 February 2017.

Re FF165
jean dean
There is a sign on the roadside that says ” All Cars Stop Here “, so it is probably to do with tram cars, and there are two men dressed in transport uniforms with the long white coats. They are obviously celebrating something, could it be to do with King George V.
24 June 2018.

Consolidated by Jack Brayshaw. 01 April 2022.
Last updated: 04 April 2022.

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