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Association Football Club – 1932 onward

AFC 1932/33

Title Association Football Club
Date 1932/33
Location Guiseley
Photo ID FB213
Comment Guiseley AFC team photograph with trophies. In the 1930s they were successful in winning 3 league championships. The man on the far-right front brow seated, is John Hancock. Back row 2nd from the left is Ned Bradshaw. Image Donated by Angela Luty.
AFC 1933/34

FF189 – AFC, 1933/34.

Association Football Club – 1933/34

Guiseley AFC football team posing with trophies.
Jeannie Cutlan said ‘ Could well be Guiseley AFC as the gentleman, second right on the back row, is my grandfather, Ned Brayshaw, a founder member of the club. I guess it must be Nethermoor Park, looking at the houses in the background’.

AFC 1941

C257 – AFC, 1941.

Association Football Club – 1941

Guiseley football team, Maurice Wilkinson is first left on the front row.
The location is possibly Nethermoor Park.
The Goal keeper is Jack Cowburn Father of John and Alan and we are still supporting GFC.
The gentleman, second right, is Ned Brayshaw. He was a founder member of the club.

AFC 1953

E304 – AFC, 1953.

Association Football Club – 1953

This photo of the football team was taken when a match with Salts took place.

Names given to us by Rachel O’Connor.

Back, left to right – William Cook secretary, Jack Van Gelovan, W Dockray, E Hawthorne, P North, Harold Hurford, L Moseley president, J Kilvington treasurer.
Front, left to right – Ron Claughton, Jim Claughton, A Simpson, W Fawcett, C Dawson. Harold Hurford played for Guiseley a AFC for 21 years, 15 as captain. He also represented the West Riding county in 1947, 1948, 1950 and 1952.

AFC 1960s

FF188 – AFC, 1960s.

Association Football Club – 1960s

The men are named as: standing left to right, Brian Nettleton, Colin Lister, Michael Stocks, Albert Glaister, John France,Ronnie Lawson, Denis Rhodes, George Stocks, Eric Waite.
Seated left to right: Douglas Withy (Trainer), Mahoney, Brian “Nipper” Davies, Kitson, Gordon Colquhoun, Alan “Bangy” Wright, John Kilvington.
Joyce Woods said ‘Ronnie Lawson taught Chemistry at AGS for many years and was president of Rawdon cricket club. A fine man and a great teacher’.
John Holmes said ‘Got to be Guiseley AFC, not sure where and probably in the 1960’s. Bangy Wright was a police constable serving at Guiseley. Denis Rhodes, Eric Waite and all the other non-playing staff were all stalwarts of Guiseley AFC right into the ’90’s.’

AFC 1963

E319 – AFC, 1963.

Association Football Club – 1963

Guiseley football team with D.P and E teams who met in the Wharfedale Challenge Cup.

AFC 1965

E342 – AFC, 1965.

Association Football Club – 1965

Guiseley football team, the location is Rawdon Old Boys ground. Some players have been named, in no order are:
? Kitson, Stephen Mather, John France, Marsden and Claughton. Mick Stocks in centre with Les Wood to the immediate right of him.

AFC 1970s

E264 – AFC, 1970s.

Association Football Club – 1970s

Guiseley football team, the club was founded in 1909. Nicknamed “the Lions” their ground is Nethermoor Park.

AFC 1970s

J487 – AFC, 1970.

Association Football Club – 1970

The photo was taken in August 1970. Guiseley were in Division 2 of the Yorkshire League. The Manager was called Eric Roberts and this was his first game in charge.

Stuart King is second from the left, back row. He played for Wolves FC before he came to Guiseley.

Phil Barlow, front row centre, Captain. He for played Lincoln City and Bradford City before playing for Guiseley.

Detail supplied by Mr Leslie Wood.

AFC 1972

E429 – AFC, 1972.

Association Football Club – 1972

Football team, standing are: Alan Vavers, Graham Ogden, Neil McGeechan and Cliff Chapman Front: Phil Devitt, Eric Jarvis, Phil Barlow and Steve Harney

AFC 1980

E344 – AFC, 1980.

Association Football Club – 1980

Photo of Guiseley AFC team.

AFC 1991

HL020 – AFC, 1991.

Association Football Club – 1991

The football club was founded in 1909 and play at Nethermoor Park, Guiseley.
In 1991 the team went to Wembley having reached the final of the FA Vase competition, the result was a 4-4 draw with Gresley Rovers.
The teams met again for a re-play 3 days later at Bramall Lane, home ground of Sheffield United, the result of 3-1 to Guiseley won them the FA Vase.

This is one of the supporters flags with the Guiseley Coat of Arms in the centre.

AFC 1991

D811 – AFC, 1991.

Association Football Club – 1991

Open bus tour of the area with Guiseley football team, crowds at Towngate applaud the team winning the FA Vase cup.

AFC 1991

N560 – AFC, 1991.

Association Football Club – 1991

Another photo of Guiseley AFC Team celebrate their victory after winning the FA Vase trophy.

Donated by Ernest Nelson.

AFC 2014

E343 – AFC, 2014.

Association Football Club – 2014

Home to Guiseley AFC, the pitch is being re-seeded, it is now green turf. (June 2014)

Previous Comments:

Re E319
some of the facebook comments:

Jay Whitaker: Grandad back row second left, lost him last year love this pic cheers whoever put it up!! Becky ‘Doore’ Pollhammer.
Rachel O’Connor: Some of the Guiseley names are Mick Stocks, John Whitaker and John France. Among the D P and E faces I recognise are George Fordham, Roger Wilkinson, Jonny Hunt, Jim Inman, Nipper Pullan, Ronnie Daykin, Dave Sturgeon. I will check them out with my cousin who is in the picture. These Wharfedale Challenge Cup clashes between Guiseley and D P and E were immense battles.
Tommy Broadwell: Back row second on the left Eddie Glaister Guiseley AFC goal keeper.
Hilary Arundale: Front row 2nd from left is Alan Devanney.
Graham Braithwaite: I think I’m right in saying that it was somewhere around this time that Guiseley won the Wharfedale Cup 9 years in succession, and the Wharedale FA ‘suggested’ they might like to give someone else a chance to win it by dropping out for a little while or playing the reserve team in it instead. I seem to remember Guiseley beating Burley Trojans 10-0 in the semi-final, and that must have hastened the ‘suggestion’ somewhat!
Louise Ginog-Rowling: My great uncle John (Whitaker) is knelt on the far right just behind the front row. Jay Whitaker, you have a reet look of him.
Rachel O’Connor: Alan Knowles also on D P and E team.
Rick Hartley: Dawson Payne Elliot.
Rachel O’Connor: Trying to put it in some sort of order: Back row, left to right – unknown, Eddie Glaister, unknown, Jim Inman, John ‘Nipper’ Pullan, unknown, Dave Sturgeon?, John France, unknown
Middle, left to right – George Fordham, Jonny Hunt, Roger Wilkinson, Ronnie Daykin, unknown, Alan Knowles.
Front, left to right – Unknown, Alan Devanney, unknown, Colin Farrell?, Mick Stocks, unknown, John Whitaker. Guiseley won the final making it 3 years in a row and they went on to stretch that to 8 years in a row. The referee for the 1963 final was T Crombie.
Louise Ginog-Rowling: Jay sorry I didn’t recognize your grandad, well I didn’t look at all the other ppl really once I saw John. Do you think grandad Eric will be on this pic too? I can barely remember what he looked like?
Louise Ginog-Rowling I haven’t seen uncle John for a while. He had a stroke a few years ago and ended up in a wheelchair, as far as I know he’s still with us.
Graham Braithwaite: Are Mick Stocks and John Whitaker still alive? And didn’t John Mahoney play for DP&E around this time?

Re J487
Jeannie Cutlan: My grandfather, Ned Brayshaw, was a founder member of Guiseley AFC. He maintained a close relationship with the club right up until his death in 1966.
Andy Elx Brown: Thomas Harvey, Cam Butterfield, Si Wintle, Adam Bridson, Rob Jennings. Looks like an early to mid 70’s side to me. I remember watching them during the 70’s when Leeds were away.
Rachel O’Connor: John Hall is second from left on back row. First left is former Guiseley captain Phil Barlow and the G K in the middle of the back row is Neil McGeechan. On the far right of the back row is the well-known local cricketer Marsden Claughton. I remember a game once being held up while they searched for his contact lenses. I know someone who will know all the names but they are on holiday at the moment.

Re E344
Rick Hartley: Circa 1980, Terry Rocket front row 2nd in from right.
Stephen Walker: Didn’t Terry Rocket play for Baildon athletic on a Sunday?
Rick Hartley: Yeah, I think he may have pal hard man from memory right or left back.
Rachel O’Connor: Terry started out with the junior team I used to run back in the late 1960s Burley Rovers along with his brother Bob and the likes of Keith Urquhart, Ray Hawksby, John Dibb etc.
Mark Firth: Bob Lawson back row far right.
Debbie Staveley: Joe McPhee will know them all he played with them at the same time I remember the manager was a lecturer at Carnegie and the lad at the back middle had a little girl called Heidi!!
Tricia Richardson: Back far right is Bob Lawson.
Dave Fell: Back row 6 from left looks like Steve Ross.

Consolidated by Jake Burrows (D of EA Bronze). 25 September 2021.
Last updated: 25 April 2022.

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