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Cricket Club – c1910 onwards

Cricket Club c1910

Title Cricket Club
Date c1910
Location Guiseley
Photo ID R262
Comment This photo of the cricket team had been donated by Brian Sanderson of the Yorkshire Cricket Archive.
Cricket Club 1950s

J164 – Cricket Club, 1950s.

Cricket Team – 1950s

The donor of this photo Christine Wilson thinks this group were at Guiseley Cricket Club.
Her sister Glynis Jones (nee Wilson) is 3rd from the right with a boy on her knee, Dick Jones is 2nd from the right at the back.
The location is The Waverley Hotel in Scarborough, they went there to watch Yorkshire in the Scarborough Cricket Festival.

2nd row, 1st left, Henry Kilburn, 2nd left, Arthur Harrison, 4th left Isobel Griffin, sixth left, May Yeadon.

Front row, 1st right, Arthur Harrison’s sister, 2nd right, Nellie Kilburn.

Waverley Hotel 2022

J164A – The Waverley Hotel, Blackpool, 2022.

The Waverley Hotel, Blackpool – 2022

With reference to J164 above, from Sam Kilburn 18 April 2016:

I doubt that this is the cricket club, but rather a photo of people who went to the Waverley Hotel, as the man on the far left is my father Henry Kilburn next to him is Arthur Harrison, I think the woman fourth from the left is Isobel Griffin, sixth from the left is May Yeadon, bottom Right is Arthur Harrisons sister, next to her is my mother Nellie Kilburn.
I know some of the others but can’t remember their names.

Don’t know why you think this is Guisely cricket club as all the ones I know are old Yeadoners who went to the same Blackpool Hotel year after year.

Adminch02 – 18 April 2016:
We can only use the information given with photographs such as these Sam when they are donated to us.

Teleg – 18 April 2016:
I think this is the Waverley Hotel at Blackpool where these people went year after year in the late 40’s & early fifties.

Editor Jack Brayshaw, 25 April 2022.

Dear Sam Kilburn, Your comments on photograph J164, I agree are correct and thank you for the information you previousley supplied to AHS on this image. Today, whilst migrating this information to our new website I Googled the Waverley Hotel both in Scarborough and in Blackpool. Blackpool hit the mark as you said and if you compare both J164 and J164A images you can clearly see the door entrance and masonary are the same.
To this end, I will leave both images for all to see and compare and that with a little investigation, we can, still provide answers. Thank you once again. Jack. AHS. 25 April 2022.

Cricket Club 1960s

G248 – Cricket Club, 1960s.

Cricket Team – 1960s

Photographer Bryan Waite, donated by his family.

Cricket Club 1969

J493 – Cricket Club, 1969.

Cricket Team – 1969

Back row, left to right – Colin Taylor, Stuart , James Robertson, John Fordham, Ron Featherstone, Tony Crowther, Dennis Waddington.

Front row , left to right – Marsden Claughton, John Mahoney, Mick Stocks (C), Mick Mitchell, John Whitaker.

Photographer Bryan Waite names supplied by Rachel O’Connor & Richard Chaffer.

Cricket Club 1972

E273 – Cricket Club, 1972.

Cricket Team – 1972

A new pavilion was opened in 1972, by Brian Close, he played for the club 1946/7.
From left to right are : Raymond Forrest, Chairman, Brian Close, Norman Threapleton, President, Mrs Vivienne Close (nee Lance), Colin Taylor, Secretary.

Cricket Club Undated

E454 – Cricket Club, Undated.

Cricket Team – Undated

The match was Guiseley V Tong Park, the team were :

Back row: A Yeadon, B Whincup, A Poppleton, D Whincup and William Threaplekin.

Front: A Maud, E Griggs, D Waddington, P Robinson, C Houseman and R Standen.

Cricket Club Undated

E306 – Cricket Club, Undated.

Cricket Team – Undated

On the back row from left to right are : 

Ray Melling, Stephen Taylor, Adrian Threapleton, David Durkin, Howard Keene and Ian Robertson.

Front from left to right :
Tim Lawson, Roy Forrest, Les Roberts, Ken Close and Tony Bowes.

Cricket Club Undated

E420 – Cricket Club, Undated.

Cricket Team – Undated

Testimonial match for Walter (Kid Chocolate) Melgram who is 2nd from the left with 3 members of the club who organised the match : Colin Taylor, J Calvert and Michael Stocks.

Cricket Club 2016

B671 – Cricket Club, 2016.

Cricket Team – 2016

The club is based at Nethermoor, adjacent to the football ground and bowling green.

The park was given to the people of Guiseley by Jonathan Peate.

Previous Comments:

Re G248
facebook information:

Lawrence Walker: Very good team that, either Jim or Ronnie Claughton, Rachel.
Rachel O’Connor: Back, left to right – Tony Crowther, Roy Forrest, Jim Claughton (I think), Marsden Claughton, Hedley Houseman, Ron Featherstone. Front, left to right – John Claughton (boy), Colin Taylor, Michael Mitchell, Mick Stocks, John Mahoney, John Whitaker. Picture taken in 1960s.
Rachel O’Connor: Ah yes Ronnie, I think Lawrence, there were a few of them, all good cricketers. My cousin John Fordham and Jim Robertson joined this team and it was a great team. A permanent feature in the Waddilove Cup finals of those days.
Christine Robinson: Colin Taylor, bottom left, Maths teacher at Morley Grammar school, and having the patience of Jobe giving our son extra tuition, enabling him to secure a place at Blackpool college of art & technology in the late 70s. Now a respected name designing stamps for all the commonwealth countries. Our heartfelt thanks go to him.

Consolidated by Jake Burrows. (D of EAS Bronze) 25 September 2021.
Last updated: 25 April 2022 – Photo ID: J164A & Text.

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