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Scouts, Guides, Cubs, Brownies & Beavers, 1923 – onwards (1)

1st Guiseley Girl Guides 1923

Title 1st Guiseley Guides
Date 1923
Location Guiseley
Photo ID D950
Comment The 1st Guiseley Girl Guides were in Windermere, seen here being transported in the back of a lorry.
Providence Chael Guides 1930s

BB078 – Providence Chapel Guides, 1930s.

Providence Chapel Guides – 1930s

A celebration for the Guides, possibly 21st anniversary held in the Parish Hall.
The photographer was Mr Kirby Smith, a Guiseley Photographer, who was noted for the delays as he was posing his subjects, also the unfortunate mutterings caused by ill fitting dentures.
Sat at the table on the left is Ethel Potts who was a Guide Leader for many years, her sister Mary is sat on her right.
Behind Ethel is Mrs Parry, the woman sitting on the far right is Mrs Halliday.

Providence Chael Guides 1930s

BB078A – Providence Chapel Guides, 1930s.

Providence Chapel Guides – 1930s

This was possibly the 21st anniversary of the Providence Methodist Guides. Sat at the table, on the left is Mary Potts, her sister Ethel was a Guide Leader for a long time.
Mrs Halliday is seated on the right.
Behind the ladies are girls in Guide uniform.

Scouts & Cubs of St. Oswald's Church  1930s

J51 – Scouts & Cubs of St. Oswald’s Church, 1930s.

Scouts & Cubs of St. Oswald’s Church – 1930s

Assembled in front of the Rectory are the Scouts and Cubs of St. Oswald’s Church. Canon Howson is in the middle of the front row.

St. Oswald's Guides & Brownies 1930s

PU012 – St. Oswald’s Guides & Brownies, 1930s.

St. Oswald’s Guides & Brownies – 1930s

Two images of the same photograph of Group of St. Oswald’s Guides and Brownies, in the centre is Canon Howson, the Guide Leader is sitting on his left.

It is obvious that this image is an enhancement of the image G199 below.

Donated by Freda Potts.

St. Oswald's Guides & Brownies 1930s

G199 – St. Oswald’s Guides & Brownies, 1930s.

St. Oswald’s Guides & Brownies – 1930s

I would say that this is the original photograph and in my opinion the better of the two. The Girl Guides uniform of that era I believe to be their best, so much better that the modern ones over the years, they all look splendid. Ed. JB. 05 Apr 22.

The following young ladies were identified after being viewed on our facebook page on 22 April 2022:

2nd row, 3rd from the left, Gladys Roughton – identified by her daughter Christine Robinson. Christine further supplied the following details:
3rd row, 1st left, ? Ludley formerly Brown.
Sitting 1st left, Hilda Ellis and left of Canon Howson is Mary Potts.

From Barbara Watson – 2nd row down from top, 1st Guide left, Eva Law nee Eastwood, my mother.

Scouts and Cubs c1930s

I524 – St. Oswald’s Scouts & Cubs, c1930s.

St. Oswald’s Guides & Brownies – c1930s

A group photograph of scouts and cubs with Canon Howson in front of the Rectory.

St. Oswald's Scouts 1930s

Z359 – St. Oswald’s Scouts, 1930s.

St. Oswald’s Scouts – 1930s

A group of Scouts seen in an outdoor location.

Donated by Alan Pickles.

St. Oswald's Scouts 1931

Z365 – St. Oswald’s Scouts, 1931.

St. Oswald’s Scouts – 1931

This photo was sent by Harry Yeadon to Alan Pickles who donated it to AHS.
It shows four Scouts at a camp, they are thought to belong to the St. Oswald’s group.

St. Oswald's Scouts 1931

H511 – St. Oswald’s Scouts, 1931.

St. Oswald’s Scouts – 1931

Scout group in the garden of the old Rectory, Canon Howson, Rector of Guiseley is in the middle of the group. Donated by Lynda Keith.

Scout Group c1930s

I279 – Scouts Group, c1930s.

St. Oswald’s Scouts – c1930s

The location is outside the Guiseley Scout Hut, one of the ladies is Mary Steel, grandmother of Angela Luty who donated the image.

Guides & Scouts c1940s

P211 – Scouts, Guides, Cubs & Brownies, c1940s.

Scouts, Guides, Cubs & Brownies – c1940s

Assembled outside the Methodist Church (old building) on Oxford Road are the 2nd Guiseley Guide company with Brownie pack, 14th Airedale Scout troop and Cub pack.

Baptist Guides 1944

S17 – Baptist Guides, 1944.

Baptist Guides – 1944

Trefoil Leaf pack.
The back row includes: Pauline Davies; Margaret Midgeley, Barbara ?, Pearl Littlewood, Marion Williams, Brenda Exley.

On the front row left to right are: Joyce Craven, ? Captain Edith Hepworth, Elsie Lawson, Dorothy ?

Brownies 1950

FB437 – Brownies, 1950.

Brownies – 1950

The photo was taken outside the garage of Wilson’s Silver Cross pram works.
The Brownies have been named as:

Back row left to right: Christine Turner, Beryl Greenwood, Valerie Kitson, Sandra Firth, Elizabeth Smith.
3rd row left to right: Margaret Armitage, Mary Barrett, Elizabeth Ludley, Gweneth Mason, Carole Dennison, Ruth Webster.
2nd row left to right: Marian Webster, Jean Potts, Pam Brown,Sandra Kingham, Sylvia Pemberton.
Front row left to right: Helen Wright, Margaret Thompson, Maureen Witham, Pat Wigglesworth?

1st Guiseley Guides Undated

D940 – 1st Guiseley Guides, Undated.

1st Guiseley Guides – Undated

The 1st Guiseley Girl Guides camping at Pateley Bridge.

Brownies Church Parade 1951

FB436 – Brownies Church Parade, 1951.

Brownies Church Parade- 1951

Brownies on parade, Gillian Southgate is thought to be Tawny Owl leading the pack, Brown Owl at the back is Margaret Stanley.

The Brownies included: Beryl Greenwood, Jean Hudson, ? Smith,
Sylvia Pemberton, Margaret Armitage, Ruth Webster, Christine Turner, Sandra Kinghorn, Gillian Bagnall, Judith Smith, Pam Brown,
Sandra Firth, Marian Webster, Pamela Maude, Gillian Lamb, Susan Hill, Gillian Walker, Christine Rushworth, Judith Barrett, Elizabeth Armitage.

Previous Comments:

Re PU012 & G199
We have a comment from Shirley Beaumont sent by email:
“My mother Clarice Riley is on the back row, second from the right hand end.
Edwin Riley, the Guiseley ropemaker was my great grandfather.
My mother Clarice was born in Guiseley and I was christened at St. Oswald’s.
I now live in Nuneaton, Warwickshire.
21 January 2014.

Re K076
Back row 1st left: is Valerie Stewart nee Mills.
Back row 2nd from right: is Katherine Turner.
Front centre: is Anne Wilford.
06 July 2015.

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Consolidated by Jack Brayshaw. 01 April 2022.
Last updated: 08 October 2023 – Photo ID: I524. 24 April 2022 – Photo ID: G199 (Text).

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