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The Yorkshire Association – 1904

The Yorkshire Association 1904
Title The Yorkshire Association
Date 1904
Location Guiseley
Photo ID B597
Comment This tablet is erected as a tribute of respect to the late Mary Ann, widow of the late Sir Matthew William Thompson, Bart, of Park Gate. Also to record a deeply muffled peal of Grandsire Triples 5040 changes in 2 hours 20 minutes November 7th 1903 Hollis’ 5 Part 1. Alfred Hardwick 2. Samuel B Hardwick 3. Joseph Waite 4. Benjamin Barrett 5. F W Dixon 6. Mark Busfield 7. F W Hird 8. John B Jackson Conducted by F W Dixon Clergy Rev. E Thomas, Rector Rev. F A Hodd, Curate Churchwardens J E Seaman J H Busfield Freda Potts, who donated this image, suggests the plaque may be in the bell tower of St. Oswald’s Church or in the church. Mark Busfield was her grandfather, she is not sure if J H Busfield is a relative.

Previous Comments:

Helen M.
Ancestry shows Mark Busfield (1874 – 1954) had a brother called John Harper Busfield (1861 – 1928).
Their parents were Charles and Eliza.
05 June 2019.

Consolidated by Jack Brayshaw. 17 April 2022.
Last updated: 18 April 2022.

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