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A Group of Men

A Group of Men c1900

Title A Group of Men
Date c1900s
Location Guiseley
Photo ID B021
Comment This group of 11 men are believed to have worked for a firm in Guiseley, could it have been the foundry?

The information recieved with this image was – A board on the wall has the letters “oxo” written in chalk twice. On the right edge of the image is an embossed logo with the words ‘Cabinet Portrait’ so perhaps the photo was taken for a notable occasion?

Editor’s Note: In the 1880s, it became popular for photographs to be the size of visiting cards duly named ‘carte de visite’ in french and where they were first patented in Paris. In due course larger photographs became vougue and were named ‘Cabinet Portrait’. Images of this period can sometimes can be identified by a greenish cast and included the details of the studio or photographer taking the image embossed on the bottom edge of the photograph. The last cabinet cards were produced in the 1920s even as late as 1924.

Re ‘OXO’ well the only explanation I can offer is where they played noughts and crosses during there break. Jack Brayshaw. 20 Sep 23.

A Group of Men c1940s/50s

Y349 – A Group of Men, 1940s/1950s.

A Group of Men – 1940s/1950s

Image donated by Angela Luty who told us “The group of men is a mystery, on the far left is my Grandfather John Hancock, he was very into football at Guiseley and worked in one of the mills.”

Guiseley Lads c1950s

Y349 – Guiseley Lads, c1950s.

Guiseley Lads – c1950s

Left to right: Kenneth Busfield, Roy Stevenson, Malcolm Nunwick, Colin Taylor.

Previous Comments:

Re H343

Comments from our facebook page 9th March 2017:

Liselle Younger: Gentleman on the back row with glasses is my grandad Jack Kendall, he worked at Crompton Parkinson’s. Front row fourth from the left is Jack Barret

You’re right Liselle, that is Jack Barrett and I’m sure the man third from right on back row (in the light overcoat) is my cousin Eddie Ogden.
15 March 2017.

Consolidated by Jack Brayshaw. 17 April 2022.
Last updated: 20 September 2023 – Photo ID: B021.

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