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Carnivals – c1900 – onwards (1)

Carnivals c1900

Title Waites Carnival Float
Date c1900
Location Guiseley
Photo ID A362
Comment Sepia image of Waites Carnival Float, a decorated horse and cart which won first prize. The cart is decorated with fancy breads, the message “Success to our Carnival” appears to be made from bread, a tiered wedding cake tops the display. The name “Waites confectioners, Oxford Street Guiseley” is written on the side of the cart.
Carnivals c1910

J39 – Carnivals, c1910.

Carnivals – c1910

Highly decorated lorry for Guiseley Carnival. It was entered by the Co-operative Society and is stacked with goods. The things on display include polish, cocoa, metal polish and soap. There are five men with the lorry.

Carnivals c1910

J40 – Carnivals, c1910.

Carnivals – c1910

A horse and dray belonging to the Co-operative Society, the driver was Tom Waite of Oxford Road.
The display for the Carnival features footwear.

Carnivals 1910

E599 – Carnivals, 1910.

Carnivals – 1910

Taking part in the carnival was the Guiseley Fire Brigade, the men are on a horse drawn wagon which would also have carried their equipment. In this image they are passing St. Oswald’s Church on the Green.

Carnivals c1910

G111 – Carnivals, c1910.

Carnivals – c1910

Oxford Road has crowds of people watching a band marching towards the junction with Otley Road.
Both mounted and foot police are controlling the crowd.

Carnivals 1930s

X23 – Carnivals, 1930s.

Carnivals – 1930s

Girls in National costumes, some of them have been named as: from left to right:
Nancy Hastings,  Joyce Girt (nee Hanson),   Connie Dean,   ?   Margaret Whitaker,   ?   Mary Imrie ,  Betty Wolstenholme,   Audrey Wiggins,   ?   ?

Carnivals 1938

W093 – Carnivals, 1938.

Carnivals – 1938

Taking part in the carnival were these two young Queens and a pageboy holding a cushion for the crown.
The rest of the attendants are in identical dresses, making a charming group.
The photo was donated by Nita Learmonth, who also supplied the following names which are not in order:
June Darnborough, Mary Schofield, Edna Taylor, June Nichol, ? Busfield, Wendy Sutcliffe, Christine Ives, John Ludley, ? Riddiough, Molly Busfield.

Carnivals 1947/48

D013 – Carnivals, 1947/8.

Carnivals – 1947/48

The location of this event was Nethermoor Park, the man holding the British Legion standard was Mr T Barker.

Carnivals 1947/48

FBA213 – Carnivals, 1938.

Carnivals – 1947/48

Platform party at the Carnival with Carnival Queen and attendants.

Carnivals 1947/48

FBA214 – Carnivals, 1947/8.

Carnivals – 1947/48

A group of girls who were Carnival Queen and attendants.

Carnivals 1950s

H260 – Carnivals, 1950s.

Carnivals – 1950s

A band and a float from Chloride Shires bathroom company in the parade which is passing Abbey Stores.

Carnivals 1950s

H261 – Carnivals, 1950s.

Carnivals – 1950s

As above.

Carnivals 1950

U12 – Carnivals, 1950.

Carnivals – 1950

This float was prepared by the Guiseley Methodists, it pays tribute to “Pioneers of Our Christian Heritage, namely Robert Raikes, John Wesley, David Livingstone, Elizabeth Fry and Florence Nightingale.
The girl on the right is Hilary Birdsall.

Carnivals 1952

Y249 – Carnivals, 1952.

Carnivals – 1952

The carnival Queen and attendants.

Carnivals 1955

P440 – Carnivals, 1955.

Carnivals – 1955

The Rose Festival – These people have been named as, from left to right:
Hilda Hardwick, Joan Alsford “aunt Louie”, Henry Robinson, Mrs J Popplewell, Fred Popplewell, Margery Boocock and Rev.D. Pike.

Carnivals 1960s

J471 – Carnivals, 1960s.

Carnivals – 1960s

Carnival parade on Otley Road which reaches back to Oxford Road, crowds are watching the floats and majorettes pass by.

Donated by Anne North.

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Consolidated by Jack Brayshaw. 29 April 2022.
Last updated: 30 April 2022 – Photo ID: U12.

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