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Coach Trips

Station Hotel 1910

Title Station Hotel
Date 1910
Location Guiseley
Photo ID L458
Comment A charabanc outside the Station Hotel, it has caught the attention of onlookers.
Methodist Choir Rtip c1920s

F125 – Methodist Choir Trip, c1920s.

Methodist Choir Trip – c1920s

A trip to Bridlington for the choir of the Primitive Methodist Chapel (Providence) on Otley Road.
Note how formally dressed everyone is, especially the boys in school uniform!

Ladies Outing 1921

D181 – Ladies Outing, 1921.

Ladies Outing – 1921

A postcard photograph of a ladies charabanc outing to Studley Royal and Knaresborough.

Ladies Outing 1921

D182 – Ladies Outing,1921.

Ladies Outing – 1921

On the reverse of the image is this information: “Marion Settle 11 Gladstone Road, Rawdon.

My father owned White Cross Garage, he is the driver of the coach and local people the passengers. This chara-body was taken off during the week and a lorry body put on for carrying goods.
Seated on the mudguard is the owner Mr Charlie Preston, father of the donor of this photograph. Mr Charlie Preston was the son of Rev. Raymond Preston”.

A Group of ladies Undated

J269 – A group of Ladies, Undated.

A Group of Ladies – Undated

A charabanc with a group of ladies, one of them has taken the wheel.

The driver is perhaps the man on the right wearing a white cap.

The vehicle is parked outside the old Post Office.

Tradesmen's Outing 1921

C112 – Tradesmen’s Outing, 1921.

Tradesmen’s Outing – 1921

The names of these people are as follows, going from left to right:
Back Row: A Wait, H W Lamb, Miss Long, Z Whitaker, A Stewart.
Middle Row: Miss A Waite, F Black, S Whitaker, Mrs F Rhodes, J F Usher (Mr Usher had a pharmacy on Otley Road).
Front Row: G H Rhodes, D Poole, W E Rawnsley.
It seems that someone has been missed out in the back or middle row!

Tradesmen's Outing 1921

U09 – Tradesmen’s Outing,1921.

Tradesmen’s Outing – 1921

A large gathering of local tradesmen and their families outside the Buck Inn, Buckden, Wharfedale.
A few names have been noted:  

Mr Stewart,    S Popplewell,     Granville Rhodes ,   J Usher .
On the right wearing a straw hat is Mr Rawnsley who owned a drapers shop.

Coach Trip St.Oswald's & Orchard Street Children 1924

R539 – Schools Outing, 1924.

Schools Outing – 1924

Boys from Orchard Street School and St. Oswald’s School seen on Towngate before an outing to Malham.
Back Row Left to Right: Norman Bulmer, Willie Jackson, Bertie Fawcett, Alfie Bolton.
Middle Row Left to Right: Willie Lawson, ?., Clifford Newton, ? Bullock, Arthur Winterburn, ?., Ernest Lawson, Jack Chew.
Front Row (behind stocks) Left to Right: Leslie Crowther, (Walter Long, Clifford Gilks, Wallace Rose, Charlie Wray,) Denis Lumby, Clifford Mitchell, Mr Ray (Teacher)

Donated by Ann North.

Guiseley Vetrans 1940

U13 – Guiseley Veterans, 1940.

Guiseley Veterans – 1940

The Guiseley Veteran’s Parliament outing to York.
Transport was provided by Grange’s Coaches of Yeadon, the location is the Bay Horse Inn, Green Hammerton.
Mr W E Rawnsley is standing almost to the right of the coach on the right.

Wembley Trip 1948

K185 – Wembley Trip,1948.

Wembley Trip – 1948

A trip to Wembley stadium from the Regent Hotel, passengers are assembled on Guiseley station.
It is possible the men were going to watch the Olympic Games which were held in London in 1948, some events taking place at Wembley or the FA cup final.
That year it was between Manchester United and Blackpool, the final score was Manchester United 4, Blackpool 2.

Coach Trip 1953

E270 – Coach Trip, 1953.

Coach Trip – 1953

Two coaches on Well Road, the passengers were going to Blackpool Illuminations.

Cassfield Mill Trip 1954

X148 – Cassfield Mill Trip,1954.

Cassfield Mill Trip – 1954

Waiting in the mill yard are employees of George Nunnns, their intended destination is not known.

Coach Trip 1955

K252 – Coach Trip, 1955.

Coach Trip – 1955

A large number of people posing in front of Ledgard’s coaches, perhaps this was a chapel trip? Or a senior citizens outing?

Photographer Donald Blakley, Park Road, Guiseley.

Coach Trip 1955

K253 – Coach Trip,1955.

Coach Trip – 1955

As above.

Peates Coach Trip Mid 1950s

P494 – Coach Trip, c1955.

Coach Trip – c1955

A group of employees from Nunroyd Mill pose in front of a coach. The location is Otley Road opposite the mill with Nunroyd Avenue in the background. Sid Walker is in the middle of the group, far left is ? Stanhope, and wearing a light coloured suit on the right is Eddie Muschamp.

Donated by Douglas Walker.

Silver Cross Outing 1965

L119- Silver Cross Outing, 1965.

Silver Cross Outing – 1965

A works outing for the staff of Lawrence Wilson’s Silver Cross pram factory.

Donated by Richard Thomas-Phillips.

AOS Coach Trip 1966

F415 – AOS Coach Trip, 1966.

AOS Coach Trip – 1966

Members of the Guiseley Amateur Operatic Society on a coach trip.

Donated by the family of the late Bryan Waite.

Methodist Sunday School Trip 1968

G252 – Methodist Sunday School Trip,1968.

Methodist Sunday School Trip – 1968

A Guiseley Methodist Sunday School trip to Bolton Abbey, these children are enjoying a paddle and the hope of catching tiddlers!

Photographer Bryan Waite, donated by his family.

Previous Comments:

Re C112
The name ‘Z Whitaker’ will be Zillah Whitaker, born 1876, daughter of Mark Robinson Whitaker, of Guiseley.
Zillah stayed single all her life.
Aireborough archives – The program of the Centenary of the providence P.M. Chapel in 1926 and the laying of foundation stones for a new Sunday School at which the children also laid bricks with their initials.
At this ceremony Miss Zillah Whitaker, then age 50, laid a stone in memory of her parents, Mark and Mary Whitaker.
28 April 2014.

Re E270
Sorry, definitely NOT 1950!!!!
This was 1953 and the trip was about the Coronation celebrations. I know ‘cos I’m on the front row of the group, wearing my Coronation badge. On my left is Kenneth Wiltshire (with the cap). My mum and dad are further along (mum in the light dress and dad in the trilby behind her.)
21 September 2014.

Re K252 & K253
Chris Youhill
Two most interesting photographs and I can help very approximately with the date. The top picture shows two of the beautiful Burlingham Seagull coaches which were new in Spring 1955. The rear view is of the wonderful Foden two stroke ONW 2 which had been new in 1951. All three are in the superb original Ledgard livery of blue, black and cream which was phased out, unwisely in my view, in favour of the pale blue and ivory in the early 1960s. The pictures therefore are taken between 1955 and, say, 1961.
04 September 2017.

Re K252
John Holmes
My Grandma, Ada Hargreaves is second from right on 2nd row up with the ‘Y’ shaped brooch in her hat. As she was a member, this could have been a. Guiseley Darby & Joan club outing.
04 September 2017.

Re L458
Peter Stewart
This was one of my great grandfathers coaches. They along with lorries operated from the old swimming baths. Eventually, during transport nationalisation in the 50s, that became the transport for Shires. My Grandfather, Stephen Whitaker, becoming Shires Transport Manager. The family lived at Croft Head Farm, next to the old baths.
24 January 2020.

Consolidated by Jack Brayshaw. 31 March 2022.
Last updated: 16 November 2023 – Photo ID: F415. 07 November 2023 – Photo ID: R539. 03 November 2023 – Photo ID: P494.

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