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Netherfield Terrace

Netherfield Terrace 2014

Title Netherfield Terrace
Date 2014
Location Guiseley
Photo ID J225
Comment This photo was taken from the footbridge which crosses the railway line at Guiseley station, Netherfield Terrace is the row of stone-built houses off Netherfield Road. Photographer John Arundel.
Netherfield Terrace 2014

J226 – Netherfield Terrace, 2014.

Netherfield Terrace – 2014

A terrace of 4 stone-built houses. Beyond them is Moon’s Mill. Netherfield Road is on the right.

Netherfield Terrace 2015

U355 – Netherfield Terrace, 2015.

Netherfield Terrace – 2015

Located off Netherfield Road, the Guiseley railway line is on the right, not in view here.

Photographer Phil Walker.

Previous Comments:

My mother Freda Ann Popplewell was born in the front room of No:1 Netherfield Terrace in 1936, delivered by her Grandma.
20 years later, I, (John Harold Popplewell) was born in the same front room, delivered by my Grandma.
It’s a long story but we lived with Grandad (John William Popplewell) and Grandma (Lena Popplewell) until I was around 9 or 10.
The view here is of the ‘front doors’, I cannot remember them being used much.
A terrace of 4, two up two down with cellars. Built for families of workers from Moon’s Mill.
At the back of the houses facing the mill was the mill pond until it was filled in in the mid sixties to make room for the mill extension.
In the kitchen was a Yorkshire range for cooking and heating. The coal being kept in the cellar with the coal shute in the pavement at the side of the house on Netherfield road.
There was a single storey wash house at the end of the terrace for use by all four houses. I remember Grandma using the large mangle then hanging the clothes out next to the pigeon loft and veg plot that was next to the railway station wall.
Non of the houses had a bathroom, No’s 1 and 2 shared an outside toilet where the new blockwork is on the left hand side of the terrace photograph, 3 and 4 shared one that was in the wash house. Bath night was in the kitchen and it was not uncommon to share the bath with the neighbours kids, Sue and Graham Hollings. We finally got a proper bathroom in round about 1965ish when Moons revamped the internal layouts of all the houses.
Not long after that both my Grandparents died and we moved away.

Consolidated by Linda Plonka. 08 March 2022.
Last updated: 25 March 2022.

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