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Silverdale Estate

Silverdale Estate 1997

Title Silverdale Estate
Date 1997
Location Guiseley
Photo ID FBA134
Comment In the top right are the Coach Road / Silverdale allotments which are partly owned by the Field family and partly by the ex-wife of the late TV celebratity Fred Dibnah. The land covers an area of 11 acres, they are partially bordered by the gardens of Silverdale Crescent and Silverdale Grove which is off Silverdale Road. A number of different building companies were involved in the development of the estate, Simmonds began building but the company collapsed, Frankland continued building in the 1970s until they too went out of business, Wimpey took over in the late 1970s. The old Coach Road is on the left, it runs from Park Road down to the edge of Esholt Woods, a section of the road is unmade. Silverdale Avenue is the ‘L’ shaped Road skirting the allotments, leading to Silverdale Mount at the top of the image. Silverdale Close and Silverdale Drive are in the bottom right corner, Silverdale Drive runs in a large semi-circle and joins Silverdale Avenue at a point not in view. Some of the area is under threat of development (October 2013), in the bottom left corner are fields which Leeds City Council are proposing be built on and land near Silverdale Mount. One major drawback to further development in the area is traffic congestion, there is only one exit from Silverdale Avenue to Park Road for the whole estate plus the newer Bransdale/Eskdale estate.
Silverdale Avenue Undated

X52 – Silverdale Avenue, Undated.

Silverdale Avenue – Undated

8 Silverdale Avenue, Guiseley.

A semi-detached house on Silverdale Avenue.

Silverdale Grange Undated

X53 – Silverdale Grange, Undated.

Silverdale Grange – Undated

5 Silverdale Grange, Guiseley.

A detached house on Silverdale Grange.

Silverdale Grove Undated

X54 – Silverdale Grove, Undated.

Silverdale Grove – Undated

4 Silverdale Grove, Guiseley.

A semi-detached house on Silverdale Grove.

Previous Comments:

Re FBA134
The first builder to develop the “Silverdale’s” c1964, was W. J. Simms Sons & Cooke Ltd. They built the properties on Silverdale Road, Silverdale Crescent, Silverdale Grove.
The original terraced houses on Silverdale Avenue were built for the workers in Greenbottom Mill, now Guiseley retail Park. Bradford Dyers Association who owned the Mill, gave the name Silverdale Avenue after the village of Silverdale in Cumbria. They owned Bleasdale House, a Convalescent Home there.
05 June 2014.

Westie is correct. W.J. Simms Sons & Cooke Ltd., originally purchased the fields South East of the allotments for their initial building program.
Ownership of the allotments in the above article is somewhat misleading. There are 11 owners, including ourselves, of the allotments/smallholdings, and Fred Dibnahs ex-wife has never owned any of the land.
When Wimpy`s left the site the original Aireborough District Council acquired over half of the allotment area. At that time they could have sub divided it for use by local people as allotments, to meet the demand for allotments in the area. Instead, they sold the land as ‘Ripe for Development’. Two of the original allotments have already been released for housing, the latest planning consent being passed only a matter of 2 or 3 months ago. As for limited access to the estate, one of the stipulations for planning consent on stage 3 of the Silverdale Estate was that the developer creates an additional access point along Coach Road. The developer left the area before complying with that stipulation, and the council failed to pursue them nor penalise them.
17 April 2015.

Fred Dibnah’s family owned 7 of the allotments and I understand they tried to sell them for housing which was turned down by Leeds city council.
29 October 2017.

Consolidated by Elaine Ellwood. 20 March 2022.
Last updated: 28 March 2022.

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