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The Green

The Green c1900

Title The Green
Date c1900
Location Guiseley
Photo ID L208
Comment A dark image, on the left is Greencroft house, the tower of St. Oswald’s Church is in the background and on the right is a group of children.
The Green 1907

BB043 – The Green, 1907.

The Green – 1907

This postcard image is looking up the Green from Otley Road (A65) , the end of Belle Vue Terrace is in view, then Guiseley Town Hall. The shop on the right was the business of Gideon Rawnsley, to the right of Rawnsley’s is Drakes store.

The Green 1907

BB043R – The Green, 1907.

The Green – 1907

On the reverse is a message, the post card was sent to Miss H Lees who was staying near Huddersfield ” Dear Hilda, no doubt you will know this place very well. I like pc very much it looks a very nice place. Glad to hear you are getting better hope you will be home soon. I am enjoying myself very much hope to hear from you again soon with love Annie”.

The Green 1950s

A403 – The Green, 1950s.

The Green – 1950s

This is the Green before Aireborough Leisure Centre was built, seen from Otley Road (A65). The perimeter wall to the Green has been painted with white squares as a black-out precaution, this would have been done during the Second World war, the wall would have been more visible in the total darkness. Beyond the Green are houses on Towngate with the tower of St. Oswald’s Church above them. Moving right, where the lower trees are is St. Oswald’s Church of England School, then Grove Terrace, Green Terrace and Belle Vue Terrace where the door and windows of a house are in view. Guiseley Town hall is next, opened in 1867, most of the £3,000 which it cost to build was paid by Sir Matthew William Thompson.
Shops complete the row down to Otley Road.

The Green c1965

L207 – The Green, c1965.

The Green – c1965/2004

The Green before the Leisure Centre was built on the left.

The Green c1965/2004

C771 – The Green, 2004.

The Green – c1965/2004

Before above and after views of the Green, the most obvious change is the Leisure Centre building.

The Green Undated

D810 – The Green, Undated.

The Green – Undated

The Green looking towards Towngate, on the left is the house called Greencroft.

Donated by Alan Pickles.

The Green 1985

V329 – The Green, 1985.

The Green – 1985

From the left are “Intrim” hairdressers, a fish & chip shop, dental practice, newsagents and on the right Skipton Building Society.

Donated by Julie Molloy.

The Green 2013

FBA260 – The Green, 2013.

The Green – 2013

A new house built in the grounds of the old Rectory.
The “new” Rectory is adjacent on the right but not in view here.

Photographer Edwy Harling.

The Green 2013

FBA261 – The Green, 2013.

The Green – 2013

A children’s playground which opened in 2012, in the grounds of Aireborough Leisure Centre.

Photographer Edwy Harling.

The Green 2015

I411 – The Green, 2015.

The Green – 2015

To the right of Guiseley Theatre is a parade of restaurants and businesses, above the window on the first building on the parade adjacent to the theatre (Formerly Guiseley Town Hall) , the stonework is carved with the date 1897.

Photographer Edwy Harling.

The Green 2016

V189 – The Green, 2016.

The Green – 2016

Looking across to the Green from the corner with Otley Road, on the left is a Cantonese restaurant, then Oasis Dental Care and Saffron restaurant on the right.

Photographer Joanne Coultas.

The Green 2016

C860 – The Green, 2016.

The Green – 2016

View of the Green leading to Towngate, seen from the tower of St. Oswald’s Church, in the bottom right are people drinking outside the New Inn pub.

Photographer Stuart Andrew. MP.

Previous Comments:

Re A403
As a child in a push chair aged around two years my earliest memory is of my mother and my aunt Hilda taking me somewhere and as we turned the corner at the Green I was almost face to face with a herd of cattle being driven towards me. I let out a scream which could have been heard miles away as these big lumbering, slavering, beasts went by. This was around 1928/9.
02 July 2013.

Consolidated by Elaine Ellwood. 20 March 2022.
Last updated: 04 May 2022 – Photo ID: L208, C771 & D810.

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