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Claughton, Family – c1890 Onward

Hugh Claughton JP. c1890

Title Hugh Claughton JP
Date c1890
Location Guiseley
Photo ID M093
Comment Residence Nether Moor, Guiseley. Son of John Claughton of Horsforth. Born August 1839. Member of WRCC (West Riding County Council) for the Otley Division. Engaged in business as a boot and shoe manufacturer, sole proprietor of the Nether Moor boot and shoe factory Guiseley. Employed nearly 400 people.
Claughton Family c1890

J069 – Claughton Family, c1890.

Claughton Family – c1890

Hugh Claughton with several generations of his family, one of his sons was Tom Claughton.

Donated by Anne North.

Claughton Family c1895

L061 – Claughton Family, c1895.

Claughton Family – c1895

Tom and Alice Claughton with 6 of their children, they had 11 children in total.

Donated by Anne North.

Tom Claughton Junior Undated

L059 – Claughton Family, Undated.

Claughton Family – Undated

Tom was the son of Tom Claughton Snr and grandson of Hugh Claughton, he is sat in what was said to be the first car in Guiseley.

Donated by Anne North.

Tomas Claughton & Family 1904

C013 – Claughton Family, 1904.

Claughton Family – 1904

Tomas Claughton and family with Sydney Claughton sat in the back of the car (3rd from left).
Thought to be the first private car owned in Guiseley.
Tomas’s father Hugh Claughton had a boot factory which occupied the site later taken by the Silver Cross pram works between Otley Road and Back Lane.
Hugh and his wife Jane had 6 children, Tom, Nathaniel, Wilfred, Polly, Jenny and Lily.

Tomas Claughton Undated

L055 – Claughton Family, Undated.

Claughton Family – Undated

Tom, son of Hugh Claughton with a friend.

Claughton Family 1920s

L053 – Claughton Family, 1920s.

Claughton Family – 1920s

Tom Claughton was the eldest son of Hugh Claughton and Isabelle Jane Lumley of Richmond. Hugh has built Nethermoor works on Otley Road as the centre of his boot manufacturing business.

Tom and his wife Alice had 11 children, Annie, Hugh, Harry, Sid, Tom, Alice, Jessie, Nellie, Daisy and Mary.

Donated by Anne North.

Claughton Family 1936

L051 – Claughton Family, 1936.

Claughton Family – 1936

Parents Tom and Alice Claughton cutting a celebration cake.

Their 11 children are, back left to right : Annie, Hugh, Alan, Harry, Sid, Tom and Alice.

Front left to right : Jessie, Nellie, Tom Sr, Alice Snr, Daisy and Mary .

Claughton Family 1968

P055 – Claughton Family, 1968.

Claughton Family – 1968

There was no information given with this image, however, please see Previous Comments below.

Previous Comments:

Re P055
facebook followers have said:

John Walker: Definitely Guiseley CC. Football field behind the trees on the right and the swings behind the pavilion. Second from right stood up is Ronnie Claughton.
Andrew Dalton: You’re right John. The umpire was a Guiseley man but can’t put a name to him.
Frances Haigh: These are all members of the Claughton family. The umpire is Alan and the others are Jim, Ronnie Brian and Marsden. The 2 young boys are Ronnie’s sons Andrew and John.
Lawrence Walker: Yes definitely Claughton family at Guiseley CC, John Claughton played for Oxford University and county cricket for Warwickshire.
Rachel O’Connor: That is when it was the old wooden pavilion at Guiseley CC.

Jim Claughton moved to Hull and was a member of one of the Hull Rotary Clubs.
He died a few years back but I think his widow Mimi is still around.
Does anyone remember Cedric Walsh and his whirling bowling action?
Happy days watching Guiseley in the Airedale and Wharfedale League!
30 September 2016.

Consolidated by Jack Brayshaw. 23 July 2022.
Last updated: 26 October 2023 – Photo ID: L059.

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