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Cooper, John – 1849

John Cooper 1849
Title John Cooper
Date December 1849
Location Guiseley
Photo ID V350
Comment “Dangers of Inebriety: John Cooper, an elderly man who said he came from Guiseley, was brought before Ralph Markland and John Clapham Esqr’s, at the Leeds Court House on Wednesday under the following circumstances: It appeared that the prisoner had been found by policeman Virtue and another officer at an early hour that morning wandering about in Kirkgate in a state of intoxication. He told them an incoherent story about his having been robbed, at one time saying the sum he had lost was £1.2s.6d and at another £5. The officers took him to the Brougham’s Arms public house where they searched him and found £39.8s.6d in bank notes, gold and silver in his pockets. He refused to stay at the Brougham’s Arms and it was therefore thought best to take him to the police office for safety. One of the policeman said that when they first saw the prisoner some persons of bad character were following him and would doubtless have robbed him had they seen an opportunity. Mr Markland asked the prisoner what his occupation was. Prisoner: I cannot tell ye. Mr Markland : You can tell us your name? Prisoner : I sham wi’ it. When I get drunk I loise my senses. (Laughter) Mr Clapham recommended the old man to keep sober in future and after paying a fine of 5s for being drunk he was set at liberty, his money being given up to him” Image courtesy of the British Newspaper Archives, research by Edwy Harling.

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