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Home » Guiseley » Guiseley People » Gillingham, Ethel & Roy – c1950s

Gillingham, Ethel & Roy – c1950s

Ethel & Roy Gillingham c1950s

Title Ethel & Roy Gillingham
Date c1950s
Location Guiseley
Photo ID PU038
Comment Standing in the doorway of number 100 Park Road, is Ethel Gillingham with her grandson Roy Gillingham (brother of the donor of the photo Ian Gillingham). After this house and it’s neighbours were demolished Holly & Vine Courts were built on the site.
Ethel & Roy Gillingham 1950s

PU066 – Ethel & Roy Gillingham, 1950s.

Ethel & Roy Gillingham – 1950s

Roy is the boy on his bicycle, seen in a garden on the Westfield estate, the lady is his grandma Ethel Gillngham.

 Roy & Ian Gillingham 1950s

PU067 – Roy & Ian Gillingham, 1950s.

Roy & Ian Gillingham – 1950s

Roy Gillingham is the older boy on the left, his brother Ian is on the right. They are perched on a Norton motor bike and side-car, this would have been in the Westfield area.

Consolidated by Jack Brayshaw. 24 July 2022.
Last updated: 24 July 2022.

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