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Myers, James – c1910

James Myers c1910

Title James Myers
Date 1835-1920
Location Guiseley
Photo ID E085
Comment James Myers was born in 1835 at Ivy Cot on Carlton Lane to William and Anne Myers, he was one of 6 children. From a young age he worshiped as a Primitive Methodist, he would have been 8 when the first Primitive Methodist Chapel was built on Otley Road and attended Sunday School there. In 1851 he became a member of the chapel and 2 years later a preacher. For over 50 years he walked round the district preaching. He was married 3 times and apparently had no children, his first wife was Mary Hardwick of Guiseley they were married in 1857 but she died of cancer in 1877. A year later he married again, this time to Harriet Murgatroyd of Baildon Green, she died in 1892. His third wife was Mrs Sarah Priestley from Bradford, again in the year after his previous wife’s death. Sarah died in 1916. In his later years James had a small shoe shop on Otley Road, opposite the existing library. He wrote of his experiences in a book published in 1910 “Fifty Years of Primitive Methodism in Guiseley”, he also had two other books published before he died in 1920.

Consolidated by Jack Brayshaw. 27 July 2022.
Last updated: 27 July 2022.

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