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Nunns, Clifford – 1955

Clifford Nunns 1955

Title Clifford Nunns
Date 1955
Location Guiseley
Photo ID BB016
Comment Mr Nunns is cradling a pigeon, in front of him are various trophies.
Clifford Nunns 1955

BB016A – Clifford Nunns, 1955.

Clifford Nunns – 1955

An account tells us:
“Guiseley Pigeon Flying Successes:
Mr Clifford B Nunns, a Guiseley pigeon fancier, at the annual meeting of the Wharfedale Flying Club on Saturday carried off seven of the eight cups awarded for last years flying.
The 1954 trophies won by Mr Nunns are Wharfedale League, the Channel and cross-Channel of the Yeadon Flying Club, the Combined Average Inland and Continental, the Woods Point Selection, the Continental Points, the All-Bird Average, Best Continental Average and the Wharfedale Show.
Mr Nunns is the principal of George Nunns & Son, mungo, shoddy Cassfield Mills, Guiseley. He was Captain of Guiseley Cricket Club for 15 years and a past president of Guiseley Bowling Club. He served for a number of years on the old Guiseley District Council and was chairman for a term. His greatest ambition is to become the Channel winner, he has been second after being beaten by a decimal only. His home is at Highfield, Hawksworth Avenue, Guiseley.”

Consolidated by Jack Brayshaw. 28 July 2022.
Last updated: 28 July 2022.

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