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Smith, Arthur – c1910

Arthur Smith c1910
Title Arthur Smith
Date c1910
Location Guiseley
Photo ID M074
Comment Dave Kitchen has been in touch with me ( to tell me about his Grandad who is shown in this photograph, Arthur is on the far left leaning on the gate post. We knew that his Grandad Arthur Smith had been a tenant at Upper End Farm and that he was killed in the first World War (see Upper End Farm on this Web-Site) but knew little else about him. Now, Dave has been able to colour in the sketchy picture we had of Arthur Smith. “Arthur Smith was farm bailiff at Upper end Farm in the years before and after commencement of The First World War. He was married to Hetta Hogg whose grandfather was Richard Hogg of Rawdon, he was the main builder of Yeadon Town Hall. Arthur was known for his temper and impulsiveness. In his job he was required to accompany the farm owner to the market in Otley, the farmer would spend the day in the pub haggling and doing deals. On one occasion he left Arthur outside with the horse and cart in the heavy rain. After a long wait Arthur got angry and walked off in a temper and as a consequence he lost his job, together with the home that came with it. He found it hard to get employment in the area at other farms so volunteered for the army despite being in a reserved occupation. His duties entailed operating a machine gun emplacement which made him a priority target. He was killed on the 30th November 1917, at Cambrai Nord, in France, he was about 36 years old. A Mr Metcalfe spoke to Arthur’s wife Hetta after the war, he said that he had been standing close to her husband when he was hit directly by a shell and of course killed instantly. Hetta told her family that shortly before he died Arthur mentioned with regret his short temper and promised to change his ways when he got back to Guiseley. His name is inscribed on the lynch gate at St. Oswald’s Church.”

Consolidated by Jack Brayshaw. 29 July 2022.
Last updated: 29 July 2022.

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