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Football Teams & Events

Greenbottom Football Team 1957/58

Title Greenbottom Football Team
Date 1957/58
Location Guiseley
Photo ID R354
Comment The donor of this photo Bob Sands pointed out that his uncle Robert Deveraux Withy is on the left of the front row.
Wharfedale Challenge Cup 1962

E447 – Wharfedale Challenge Cup, 1962.

Wharfedale Challenge Cup – 1962

Football team, some of the men have been named as:

Standing: A J Scuffins, referee,  Gordon Colquhoun,  John Whittaker, Roy Forrest, John France, Bangy Wright, Eric Waite and George  Stocks.

Front : Douglas Withy, linesman,  Michael Stocks,  Brian “Nipper” Davies and Scott, linesman.

White Cross v Moons 1965

E449 – White Cross v Moons, 1965.

White Cross v Moons – 1965

The teams were White Cross v Moons, the location is possibly Nethermoor ground, home of Guiseley AFC.

Wharfedale & District FC Challenge Cup 2006

PU098 – Wharfedale & District FA Challenge Cup, 2006.

Wharfedale & District FA Challenge Cup – 2006

FA Challenge Cup, presented by the Fattorini family to the Wharfedale Football Association, the first winners of the trophy were Guiseley AFC in 2006.

Donated by Peter Wigglesworth.

Queensway Football Team 2013

FB398 – Queensway Football Team, 2013.

Queensway Football Team – 2013

View looking from Queensway across the football pitches to Ruskin Crescent.
Teams of girls are playing on the football fields.

Photographer Edwy Harling.

Consolidated by Jack Brayshaw. 26 April 2022.
Last updated: 26 April 2022.

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