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Rectory 1601 – 1978 (2)

Guiseley Rectory 1921

Title Guiseley Rectory
Date 1921
Location Guiseley
Photo ID AA10
Comment This image is of a mason’s mark on the back door of the old rectory. It is thought that a mason would leave his mark to demonstrate to the paymaster how much work he had done and to simply leave his mark for posterity.
Guiseley Rectory 1922

A378 – Rectory, 1922.

Rectory – 1922

The old Rectory for St. Oswald’s Church and garden.
It is a formally laid out garden with rose beds and a pergola on the right.

Guiseley Rectory 1932

B391 – Rectory, 1932.

Rectory – 1932

A very pastoral glimpse of Guiseley rectory with a calf in the garden.

Guiseley Rectory 1979

BB055 – Rectory, 1979.

Rectory – 1979

View of the west end of the old rectory, the room beyond the semi-circular bay window was the chapel.

Guiseley Rectory 1979

BB055A – Rectory, 1979.

Rectory – 1979

Masons markings at the rear door.

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