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Fawkes, Walter Ayscough Hawksworth – Undated

Walter Hawksworth Fawkes Undated

Title Walter Ayscough Hawksworth Fawkes
Date Undated
Location Hawksworth
Photo ID AA103
Comment Ayscough Hawkesworth was born at Hawksworth Hall and lived there for a time. He became Rector of Guiseley and Leathley (1816-1826), choosing to live at Leathley Hall. Guiseley Rectory was rented out as a boarding school during this time, in his 10 years as Rector he took little interest in Guiseley Parish, only conducting one wedding and one baptism. He did install 2 extra bells in the tower of St. Oswald’s which he had taken from Leathley Church. He died aged 50 years. Walter Hawkesworth Fawkes was also of the Hawkesworth family of Hawksworth Hall, he resided at Farnley Hall. Close up of a portrait seen here as young boys are Ayscough Hawkesworth (Rector of Guiseley 1816-1826) on the left with Walter Hawkesworth Fawkes on the right.
Walter Hawksworth Fawkes Undated

AA103A – Walter Ayscough Hawksworth Fawkes, Undated.

Walter Ayscough Hawksworth Fawkes – Undated

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Last updated: 13 June 2022.

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