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High Royds Hospital (2)

High Royds Hospital

Title Menston
Date 2003
Location Yeadon
Photo ID B863
Comment An interior corridor inside the hospital complex.
High Royds Hospital 2003

B864 – High Royds Hospital, 2003.

High Royds Hospital – 2003

The hospital viewed from a grassed area.

High Royds Hospital 2003

B865 – High Royds Hospital, 2003.

High Royds Hospital – 2003

A view of the hospital from a side aspect.

High Royds Hospital 2003

B866 – High Royds Hospital, 2003.

High Royds Hospital – 2003

High Royds Hospital 2003

B867– High Royds Hospital, 2003.

High Royds Hospital – 2003

High Royds Hospital 2013

A422 – High Royds Hospital, 2003.

High Royds Hospital – 2003

Looking across fields from Thorpe Lane, Guiseley, to High Royds Hospital. The Hospital finally closed in 2003 and the site used for housing developments. Some of the original buildings such as the clock tower were retained for conservation into dwellings.

High Royds Hospital 2013

BB046 – High Royds Hospital, 2013.

High Royds Hospital – 2013

Two winter views of High Royds Hospital with it’s distictive clock tower looking over houses and Otley Road (A65).

The moorland in the background is bounded to the North by Hillings Lane.

This site is now a housing development, to date some of the original buildings have been retained including the clock tower (June 2013).

High Royds Hospital 2013

BB046A – High Royds Hospital, 2013.

High Royds Hospital – 2013

High Royds Hospital 2013

FBA280 – High Royds Hospital, 2013.

High Royds Hospital – 2013

High Royds Hospital, Memorial Chapel, November 2013 – Situated on Buckle Lane, work began to restore the chapel and grounds in 2011.

The project began when a campaign group called the Friends of High Royds Hospital was formed to transform the derelict chapel and surrounding area into a fitting and lasting memorial to all the unclaimed remains which lay in unmarked graves.
Derek Hutchinson, a former patient, wanted the people who had been disowned and shunned by society in life to be given respect in death. Historian and photographer Mark Davis diligently researched archives and records to finally produce a list of all the patients who had been buried there, giving the deceased dignity they were denied in life.

The photographer was Edwy Harling.

High Royds Hospital 2013

FBA281 – High Royds Hospital, 2013.

High Royds Hospital – 2013

High Royds Hospital 2014

S290 – High Royds Hospital, 2014.

High Royds Hospital – 2014

December 2014: The clock tower of what was High Royds Hospital, the site has now been developed for housing (March 2016) but parts of this historic building remain.
Photographer Adam Dodson.

Editor’s Note: This photograph is one of my favourites of High Royds Hospital, taken on a winters night or early morning. The photographer has captured it magnificently, I could almost be there myself, feeling the cold and isolation of this building with so many memories of its occupants. JB. May 2021.

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High Royds Hospital 2015

J494 – High Royds Hospital, 2015.

High Royds Hospital – 2015

High Royds Hospital first opened on October 8, 1888, as the West Riding Pauper Lunatic Asylum. The Victorian facility closed in 2003 when the old stone building became outdated and unsuited to modern psychiatric practices. The High Royds Hospital site which is now being redeveloped by various building companies, view from Parkinson Park which is located in an elevated position and was once at the disposal of the Crompton Parkinson employees.

Photographer Dennis Court.

High Royds Hospital Undated

FB397 – High Royds Hospital, Undated.

High Royds Hospital – Undated

Taken on Heritage Day at the site of High Royds Hospital, new housing has been built on part of the site.

Photographer Joanne Coultas.

Various Documents relating to High Royds, Menston, which are held in the Aireborough Historical Society Archive Room, Yeadon Town Hall.

High Royds Hospital – (Documents)

‘In Splendid Isolation’ books (2) by Andrew Bannister.
Short history of High Royds hospital.

High Royds Hospital Commemorative Brochure (centenary 1888/1988)
Selection of newspaper cutting.

High Royds Hospital railway (history paper copy)

Site plan of High Royds grounds 8th Sept 1978.

Aireborough Civic Society Hospital visit July 2013. (leaflet)

High Royds Village House plans and estate agents information and Auctioneers catalogue, Thursday 20th March 2003.

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