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Esholt Village 1900
Title Esholt Village
Date 1900
Location Esholt
Photo ID H586
Comment Winter in Esholt – 1900
Esholt Village 1900

H587 – Esholt Village, 1900.

Esholt Village – 1900

Late summer same street as above – 1900.

Esholt Village 1900

A267 – Esholt Village, 1900.

Esholt Village – 1900

Esholt Village 1908

U411 – Esholt Village, 1908.

Esholt Village – 1908

A colour tinted postcard of Esholt village, on the reverse is a message:

“Dear Minnie
I was sorry to hear you had been ill but I hope you will be better for 6pm on Saturday. With best love Edith”

It was sent to Miss E Watson in Bradford.

Esholt Village 1908

U412 – Esholt Village, 1900.

Esholt Village – 1908

As above.

Esholt Village Undated

I163 – Esholt Village, Wesleyan Chapel, Undated.

Esholt Village, Wesleyan Chapel – Undated

The chapel, on the right, was built in 1847, the land and building materials were donated by Matthew Mitchell. The chapel closed in 1925, there being little enthusiasm for this type of worship in Esholt. Bradford Corporation bought the building for £150 in 1929 and it was later demolished.

Esholt Village c1900s

A264 – Waterloo Mill, c1907.

Waterloo Mill – c1907

This mill belonged to the Esholt Estate; on old maps it is shown as a scribbling mill. Scribbling was the preparation of raw fleece for spinning by a basic form of carding i.e., the separation of wool fibres. This was a process traditionally done by children using a handheld device when cloth manufacture had been carried out at home. Around the 1780s machines were being used in mills for the process.

Esholt Village 2013

D299 – Esholt Village Well, 2013.

Esholt Village Well – 2013

Village Well Esholt.

Photographer Bill Cockshott.

Consolidated by Elaine Ellwood. 03 May 2021.
Last updated: 22 November 2022 – All images updated.

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