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Blake, Mrs Wollaston – Undated & Location Unknown

Mrs Wollaston Undated & Unknown
Title Mrs Wollaston Blake nee Childers
Date Undated
Location Unknown
Photo ID R043
Comment No further information.

This lady was known as Charlotte Anne Walbanke Childers (1828 – 1887) before her marriage to Henry Wollaston Blake in 1850.
She was born in Cantley (Doncaster) – possibly Cantley Hall, owned by Childers ancestors – although at age twelve she was registered with her family and nine servants in Great Queen Street and later in Eaton Square.
The connection with our locality is not clear. Both families were very well connected and the Wollaston Blakes spent most of their time in London, living in the Boroughs of Westminster and Marylebone.
They had two children. The photograph of Charlotte could have been taken about 1860, give or take a few years, as there is a very similar photograph of her in 1861 by Camille Silvy which is held in the albums of the National Portrait Gallery.
Mr Wollaston Blake travelled the world in the course of business and became highly acclaimed in his time. He was an M.A. (Cambridge), a Fellow of the Royal Society, a Civil Engineer, Director of the Bank of England, a Lieutenant of the City of London and a Fellow, Member and Director of many institutions. He died at his home in Devonshire Place in his eighty-fifth year.

Additional research by Helen M.

7 December 2022

Consolidated by Jack Brayshaw. 01 August 2022.
Last updated: 8 December 2022 – Additional text.

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