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Hoare, Harold, Renie and Family – 1936

Harold & Renie Hoare 27th June 1936

Title Harold, Renie Hoare & Family
Date 27th June 1936
Location Rawdon
Photo ID D191
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The old Church Institute which was located on Town Street. The wedding reception was held there for Harold Hoare and Renie Long. They were married at St. Peter’s Church by the Rev. E R Dawe.
The wedding group were from left to right:
Mollie Braithwaite, half-sister of the bride, Harold Hoare, groom, Renie Long, the bride, Lena Everson, bridesmaid and friend of the bride.
Directly behind from left to right were:
Clara Louisa (Louie) Braithwaite, mother of the bride.
Jack Braithwaite, step-father of the bride.
Harold William Read Hoare, father of the groom.
Florence Margaret (Madge) Stead nee Long, sister of Renie.
The donor of the image Val Ryan remarks “I used to have classes here when I first started school in 1950. Miss Palliser and Miss Yeadon were teachers.
The playground was in front of this wooden clad building, next door was a York stone clad building which had a flight of unguarded stone steps running up the side.”

Editor’s Note: This wooden building was also utilised as the 17th Airedale Scout and Cubs Hut during the 1950s/60s, as well as temporary school accommodation when the National School burnt down in 1951. I remember this hut with fond memories myself and of the steep unguarded stone steps next door as referred by Val Ryan. Jack Brayshaw. 06 June 2022.

Harold & Renie Hoare 1936

T269 – Harold & Renie Hoare, 1936.

Harold and Renie Hoare – 1936

The marriage of Harold Hoare and Renie, nee Long, the wedding was at St. Peter’s Church, Rawdon.

Donated by Val Ryan. (their daughter)

Wedding of Harold & Renie Hoare 1936

T269A – Harold & Renie Hoare, 1936.

Stuart Hoare – 1936

Newspaper cutting recounting their wedding.

Wedding of Harold & Renie Hoare 1936

T269B – Harold & Renie Hoare, 1936.

Stuart Hoare – 1936

As above.

Stuart Hoare 1939

F964 – Stuart Hoare, 1939.

Stuart Hoare – 1939

Stuart was born in March 1938 and is aged about 1 year in these photos , his sister Val who donated the photos was born in May 1945.

Stuart is in the fields behind what was Grange Farm on Town Street, now the back of St. Peter’s C of E school car park. The line of trees on Rawdon Billing in the background is relatively unchanged.

Stuart Hoare 1939

F965 – Stuart Hoare, 1939.

Stuart Hoare – 1939

As above.

Valerie Hoare 1947

E428A – Stuart Hoare, 1947.

Valerie Hoare – 1947

Outside the Hoare family home “High Royd”, sitting on an old milking stool which Val still has are Patricia Sellars, Pauline Sellars and Val, wearing a knitted beret.

Valerie Hoare 1947

E428B – Stuart Hoare, 1947.

Stuart Hoare – 1947

Right Val and Patricia Sellars being sprayed by brother Stuart on a hot day.

Val ryan 1952

E428 – Val Hoare, 1952.

Valerie Hoare – 1952

Photos donated by Val Ryan (nee Hoare) 1952. On the left Val with cat Timpuss, in the background is a car which belonged to Mr Sellars plus a bungalow which was the home of Edith and Norman Freeborn.

Valerie Hoare 1961

F163 – Stuart Hoare, 1961.

Stuart Hoare – 1961

15th April 1961 – This photo was taken by the entrance to G A Prince Removals on Quaker Lane, Anne lived on Invertrees Avenue and Valerie at High Royd, Larkfield Avenue. 

The girls are wearing “sloppy Joe” cardigans they had knitted themselves, Anne’s on the left was powder blue, Valerie on the right chose olive green – a fashion statement from the beginning of the “Swinging 60s”!

Reverend Simon Hoare Undated

Z32 – Reverend Simon Hoare, Undated.

Reverend Simon Hoare – Undated

Rev. Simon Hoare was the vicar of St. Peter’s Church, he became the incumbent in 1977. 
For the tercentenary celebration in 1984, he made various changes to the layout of the church, when the choir stalls were removed a quantity of old documents were discovered dating from 1875 – 1883. 
They included church accounts, service sheets and choir papers.

Consolidated by Jack Brayshaw. 06 June 2022.
Last updated: 06 June 2022.

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