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Nutter, George – 1908

George Nutter 1908
Title George Nutter
Date 1908
Location Rawdon
Photo ID G095
Comment George Nutter was the gardener at the Friends School (Quaker) Low Green from 1883 – 1909. He had the reputation of being a disciplinarian but was held in regard by the pupils.

George Nutter (1838-1921) had always been a gardener of sorts. At the age of thirteen he was an agricultural labourer and ten years later was learning his trade as an under gardener near Skipton. 1871 saw him in Bolton by Bowland, now a gardener, married to Susannah and with three children. He re-married after Hannah’s death and had a further five children with Catherine. In 1881 his address was “London Field”, Rawdon and thereafter Low Green. He died in 1921, his wife a year later.

Additional research by Helen M.

20 November 2022

Consolidated by Jack Brayshaw. 08 June 2022.
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