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Rawdon, Sir George (Portrait) – 1600s

Sir George Rawdon 1600s

Title Sir George Rawdon
Date 1604 – 1684
Location Rawdon
Photo ID D178
Comment A portrait of George Rawdon, he was responsible for the building of Rawdon Hall in the early 1600s. In 1625 he went to London where he served Viscount Conway and subsequently his son, he was married for the 2nd time to the young Viscount’s sister Dorothy in 1654. He fought in Ireland and Scotland and lived in Ireland when England became a Commonwealth under Oliver Cromwell, later becoming a Member of the Irish Parliament. George became a Baronet in 1665, building the town of Moira in County Down, he largely left the running of his estate in Rawdon to his family.
Drumlin Vol: 13 - Sir George Rawdon 1600s

H504 – From Drumlin, Vol: 13.

From Drumlin Vol: 13

To view Rawdon Hall, Rawdon, West Yorkshire, please – Click Here.

Previous Comments:

He first lived in Lisnagarvey, now the City of Lisburn since last year. Lisnagarvey was a garrison town. He built a fine “Gentleman’s residence” called ‘Montalto’, in Ballynahinch, about 5 miles away. It is still there. There is a book about him in the History collection of the Ballynahinch library just called ” Sir George Rawdon.”
06 January 2015.

Re H504
Shirley Bork
There is a lot of misinformation in this article. He built and lived in ‘Montalto’ House in Ballynahich which is still looking good and used as a Wedding and conference centre. You can see it online. It is just down the road from where I live in Northern Ireland. I was surprised at all the Rawdon place names when I came to live here. The last of the Rawdon’s, Lord Hastings, gambled away the family fortune…sadly.
06 January 2020.

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