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Teale, John – c1870

John Teale c1870
Title John Teale
Date c1870
Location Rawdon
Photo ID FBA063
Comment On the left is John Teale, Grandfather of David Teale who donated the image. John was born on the 6th April 1855 and died on the 3rd August 1930. He lived on Derby Road and made his living as a joiner and undertaker, his son Granville Teale passed on to grandson David many tales of John’s exploits. John had a loom and after his working day spent the evenings weaving carpets on the loom, when the carpets were finished he put them on his back and walked to Leeds to sell them in the market, this was the old way the clothiers had taken their goods to sell in the cloth halls. Acting as the undertaker, when a member of one of the affluent families who lived in Cragg Wood, died John had to carry the coffin on his back from Rawdon to the home of the deceased, on one occasion this was during the night. When afflicted with toothache John would tie string around the bad tooth and attach the other end to the oven door handle of the Yorkist Range, then sit staring into the fire until he finally banged the oven door shut, hoping this would pull the tooth! John appears in a photo of Rawdon Brass Band where he was a cornet player, from time to time they would play in local public houses, one time they had played excellently and the landlord was most impressed. He invited them to fill their instruments with beer as a thank you, “Just my luck” John grumbled, being in possession of one of the smaller instruments. At the next pub, no doubt influenced by the free beer, they played very badly. This time the landlord made a rude suggestion as to what they could do with their instruments, “Just my luck again” commented John.

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