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Frankland, Bakers & Confectioners – c1895/1900

Frankland Bakers c1895/1900

Title Frankland
Date c1895/1900
Location Rawdon
Photo ID FBA323
Comment See below…

The family had a bakers and confectioners shop on Town Street. Two boys are on a horse drawn delivery van, a third boy holds the horse.

Donated by Helen Collings.

Franklands Family c1895/1900

FBA324 – Frankland Family, c1895/1900.

Frankland Family Photograph – c1895/1900

A group of family members posing outside a large stone built house, they have included two horses in the photo. The family had a bakers and confectioners business on Town Street.

Donated by Helen Collings.

Aerial View showing location of Franklands Business 1962

FBA062A – Aerial View, 1962.

Aerial View – 1962

The left hand road is Town Street Rawdon leading down Over Lane. The road to the right is Larkfield Road leading to Batter Lane and Canada Road. On the right hand side is Rawdon Cricket Field at the bottom of which is a car park of the Emmott Arms. Frankland’s business was located in the partially demolished row of Terrace Housing.

The first property to the left of the bushy triangle was a sweet shop run by a Miss Croft who at that time was in her senior years. The house next door my Grandfather & Grandmother resided at in the 1950s and 60s and if I am not mistaken is the next house is where that my old friend Roland Brindley once lived. Opposite is Highfield Terrace. Ed. JB. 16 November 2023.

AHS facebook Comments:

Rachel McInnes:
The building in the picture isn’t where the bakers on Town Street is, thats up steps.

Roland Brindley:
Rachel McInnes. The buildings look like the short cul-de-sac of sandstone setts that ran across the front of the row of 8 on Larkfield Road. Alf & Florence Gaythorpe and sons George Ken and Johnny lived in the first cottage on the low side, the bakehouse was above them on the Larkfield side. It was the only level street with setts in the local district I can think of, with stone cottages. I wonder where he stabled his po

Alan Thomas:
Roland Brindley where abouts on Larkfield Rd would this have been? I can’t recall anywhere looking like this. Thx

Roland Brindley
Alan Thomas. Newton Storey knocked all 8 down many years ago, very early 1960s I think. The entrance was two thirds of the way up Henley Hill which itself is almost gone, it joined Larkfield Ro‭d and Over Lane. There were 4 doors on Larkfield Road and 4 more on the low side of the short row starting with the Gaythorpes cottage. The bakehouse was directly above them, the first door on Larkfield Road side. I remember them all as if it was yesterday as I lived on Henley Hill for 25 years. However I am not saying that the location in the photo is the cul-de-sac I mention, only that it seems likely. The Frankland bakery is definitely not the one near the National School.

Alan Thomas
Roland Brindley Many thanks.

Val Ryan
Twiggs the bakers was on the site of the Village Bakery. Iced buns after school Friday delicious

Val Ryan
Agree with Roland Brindley they made a special long bun my Mum would send me to the shop to get one and oven cakes and custard slices.

Roland Brindley
I knew Mr. and Mrs. Frankland when they had their bakery up Larkfield Road and their shop on Highfield Terrace. They baked lovely bread.

Consolidated by Jack Brayshaw. 28 September 2023.
Last updated: 16 November 2023 – Photo ID: FBA062A. 10 October 2023 – AHS facebook Comments.

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