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Golf and Tennis Club

Golf & Tennis Club Undated
Title Gold and Tennis Club
Date Undated
Location Rawdon
Photo ID A319
Comment View of the golf links with Buckstone Rock on the right screened by trees. Buckstone Rock (Buxton marked on the image is incorrect) was a gathering place for religious dissenters before the Baptist Chapel was built in Cragg Wood in 1712.

The Golf Club was initially a tennis and croquet club dating from the 1870s. The Golf Club was established in 1896, 40 acres of poor farmland were bought for a course which was designed by Harry Vardon who laid out the 9 hole course.
Vardon was a famous golfer and course architect in the late 1890s-1914.
Tennis courts are also available.

Golf & Tennis Club Undated

A320 – Golf and Tennis Club, Undated.

Golf and Tennis Club – Undated

Looking across Rawdon Golf and Tennis Club from Cliffe Drive.

The golf course extends from New Road Side (A65) to Cliffe Drive, which is situated off Apperley Lane. The clubhouse is behind the tree in the right foreground, Micklefield Lane area runs across the middle of the view.

Previous Comments:

Re A320
This is definitely not Rawdon Golf Course. The picture is taken from Cliffe Drive near Buxton Hall. The dark coloured pathway (now Rawdon Hall Drive) leads to Rawdon Hall Farm. Rawdon Hall Lodge (17th Century) can be seen just to the left. Houses at the top of the pic are on Leeds Road appx Over Lane area.
09 February 2014.

Comment from one of our researchers:
“I have looked at the picture and if the road at the top is the A65, then the buildings on the right must be somewhere in the vicinity of Low Green, and Rawdon Hall Farm. I think that you can just see the old Wesleyan Church on the right.
If this is right then the golf course is over to the left after the Conservative Club, the dark line could be a field wall, after all they were in good order then and still standing.
I just cannot place where Buxton Hall is, except that it is in the Cliffe Drive bottom of the golf course area.”
09 February 2014.

Consolidated by Jack Brayshaw. 07 February 2021.
Last updated: 14 October 2022 – All images updated.

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