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Emmott Arms

Emmott Arms Undated
Title Emmott Arms
Date 1700s
Location Rawdon
Photo ID S207
Comment Situated on Town Street Rawdon near the junction with Over Lane, the Emmott Arms has been a public house since 1780.

In due course it became tied to William Whitaker & Co of the Bradford Old Brewery and later to Sam Smiths of Tadcaster . Present day (2021) it is still Sam Smiths of Tadcaster.
A horse drawn cart is outside the Emmott Arms. On the left is Over Lane with Emsley’s Grocers at the corner with Larkfield Road on the right hand side of the store.
In 1822, the landlord was William Dennison, followed by John Dennison in 1853, then Jas Marshall in 1861.
Donated by Carol Hall.

Emmott Arms c1900

H334 – Emmott Arms, c1900.

Emmott Arms – c1900

Two women, a child and a babe in arms, stand in the doorway. Above the upper windows is the brewery sign – Whitakers & co Celebrated Ales . Above the doorway on the right hand side is a board giving the licensee’s name as John Smith.
“John Smith Licensed Victualler of Spiritous Liquors, Wines, Ales, Porter and Tobacco. To be consumed on the premises”

Emmott Arms

S205 – Emmott Arms, 1950.

Emmott Arms – 1950

A postcard featuring the Emmott Arms ,signage on the exterior of the building now shows the Emmott Arms is tied to Sam Smiths of Tadcaster Ales.
Just beyond the Emmott Arms , a row of stone terraced cottages known as Wentworth Terrace.

On the very extreme right you can just see the old bus shelter which as long as I can recall was always painted in emerald green. It was a lovely shelter but demolished in the late 60s early 70s and replaced with a Perspex and metal disgrace by LCC! (Ed. Jack Brayshaw)

Donated by Carol Hall.

Emmott Arms 1950

S206 – Emmott Arms, 1950.

Emmott Arms – 1950

The reverse of the postcard photo (above) featuring the Emmott Arms.

The card reads ” Back in the old village again, we had a lovely holiday and saw a lot thanks to you. Told Mrs Sproat about the party and she said we must all have one when her is due if possible at all. They got the telegram on Wednesday, Cheerio”
It was addressed to someone in St Ives Cornwall.

Donated by Carol Hall.

Emmott Arms 1963

G261 – Emmott Arms, 1963.

Emmott Arms – 1963

View of the Emmott Arms on Town Street Rawdon after the snow has been cleared.
We can see on the signage it is still a Sam Smiths but now has a restaurant and on the right hand side there is an entrance into a car park.

Emmott Arms 2014

F407 – Emmott Arms, 2014.

Emmott Arms – 2014

Taken in June 2014, the Emmott Arms

Photographer Edwy Harling.

Consolidated by Elaine Ellwood. 20 March 2021.
Last updated: 25 September 2022 – All images updated.

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