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Springwood Road Gas Explosion

Springwood Road Gas Explosion 1970
Title Springwood Road Gas Explosion
Date 1970
Location Rawdon
Photo ID D476
Comment Little London area, the house was damaged by a gas explosion

Sue Germaine: The house that blew up is No: 10 Springwood Road, Rawdon. At the time, No: 11 (left on photo) was Mrs. Farrah’s (teacher at Littlemoor) and to the right was Mr. & Mrs. Arnott’s. My parents (Mr. & Mrs. Wood) bought No: 11 following ‘repairs’ and still live there today.

I used to live at number 11 and I remember this so well. I’d just had my hair cut at Gregory’s on New Road Side. Going out, I was surprised to see my dad, who, with his usual bluntness, simply said: “The house has blown up”. We arrived back to see the house next door just as it is in the picture. Neighbours were incredibly kind – Mr and Mrs Nicholson, who lived opposite and who were going on holiday immediately lent us their house while they were away. After, we moved to Yeadon, to an end terrace house, which my mum later described as one of the happiest periods of her life.
25 September 2017.

Consolidated by Jack Brayshaw. 09 April 2021.
Last updated: 22 October 2022 – Image updated.

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