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VE & VJ Celebrations 1945

VE & VJ Parties 1945
Title VE & VJ Celebrations 1945
Date 1945
Location Rawdon
Photo ID R130
Comment Prospect Street – A party to celebrate Victory in Japan, the final end to the conflict of World war 2.
VE & VJ Parties 1945

K22 – VE Day or VJ Day Celebrations, 1945.

VE Day or VJ Day Celebrations – 1945

A party to celebrate either VE Day or VJ Day.

The three children standing in the middle appear to be the winners of a fancy dress competition.

Jean Dean (nee Luty) has supplied us with the names to accompany this photograph:

Mrs W Luty, Jean ?, Harold ?, Frank ?, Mrs Clark, daughter Winifred, Nancy ?, Barbara Shannon, Doris Snow, Arnold Hesp, Audrey Lupton, Mrs Waterworth, Margaret ?, Peter ?, David ?, Barry ?, Brian Stead, Peter Robinson, Gwennie Long, Mrs Kaye & Eileen, John Yeadon, Bellerby sisters, Nancy & Winnie, Mrs Lawson & sister, Mary Bickerdyke.

VE & VJ Parties 1945

C082 – VE Day or VJ Day Celebrations, 1945.

VJ Day Celebrations Little London- 1945

29th September 1945, Little London.
Celebration for children who lived in the Little London area to mark the final chapter of World War 2, VJ Day (Victory in Japan)
On the left a boy rides a donkey, women and older boys are with the children.

VE & VJ Parties 1945

FB180 – VE Day or VJ Day Celebrations, 1945.

VJ Day Celebrations Batter Lane – 1945

29th September 1945 – Eileen Illingworth is the girl at the front wearing a white dress. Her sister Shirley is standing partly behind her and the girl in the Union Jack costume. Joan illingworth is sitting next to the Union Jack child wearing a cowboy hat. Rawdon Littlemoor School is in the background.

Donated by Angela Clark.

VE & VJ Parties 1945

M132 – VE Day or VJ Day Celebrations, 1945.

VJ Day Celebrations Canada Road – 1945

A street party to celebrate the end of the second World War, children sat at the tables surrounded by adults. In the centre is a man in uniform festooned with streamers and wearing a straw hat. On the left is a lamp post with war time black-out markings.

VE & VJ Parties 1945

PU112 – VE Day or VJ Day Celebrations, 1945.

VJ Day Celebrations Hillcrest Estate – 1945

27th October 1945 – A party to celebrate Victory Over Japan Day, the children seen are wearing fancy dress, names supplied by the donor Barbara Hayes:

Back row left to right: Jim Wilkinson, Tony Hall, Geoffrey Dennison, David Wilson, Sheila Hartley, ? Margaret Hayes, Barbara Hayes and Shirley Richardson.

Middle row left to right: Jean Richardson, David Jackson, Christine Cater, Robin Lock, ? ? ? Jordan ?, ? ?

Front row left to right: ? ? Gordon Farrar, ? Pat Cater, Broadhead, Hilary Teale, ? Pauline Cater.

Previous Comments:

Re R130
The young girl on the right leaning over is Ruth Carter, and the older girl with dark hair the fifth on the right I think is Ruth Cottle,
03 October 2013.

Re K22
The people in this picture are from North Street, Derby Road, Gladstone Street and Littlemoor, the three girls in costume are Margaret Sunderland Victory Queen, Maureen Thomas and Shirley Lawson.
03 June 2013.

My mum, Brenda Howlett (now Thompson) is on the front row – third from the left in the fairy dress.
07 June 2013.

Re M132
On the left of the table front is Jean Dunwell with her brother, her mother is the taller lady behind without hat, the next boy further back is called Flesher, the lady with the turban is Betty ?,the tall lady at the back smiling is Mary Riley and in front of her with curly hair is Mrs. Airton, on the right at the front is Ken Norris, further back the girl with the dark hair is Mary Hattersley, George her brother is opposite peeping through and her friend Pat Hardaker is standing behind her
28 July 2013.

Consolidated by Jack Brayshaw. 04 February 2021.
Last updated: 22 October 2022 – All images updated.

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