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Batter Lane

Batter lane 1900
Title Batter Lane
Date c1900
Location Rawdon
Photo ID V492
Comment Alice, Sarah and Doris with her hair in ringlets, outside number 3 Batter Lane. Donated by Gillian Clark.
Batter lane 1920

V493 – Batter Lane, 1920.

Batter Lane – 1920

These people are the great aunts and uncles of the donor of the photo Gillian Clark, seen outside 6 Batter Lane.

Batter lane c1947

J440 – Batter Lane, c1947.

Batter Lane – c1947

Looking towards Harrogate Road with Baildon Moors in the background.

Photographer Marmaduke Milner, donated by the Swain family of Rawdon.

Batter lane 1960

V001 – Batter Lane, 1960.

Batter Lane – 1960

Properties on Batter Lane captured in the snowy setting from the Larkfield‘s.
Donated by Val Ryan.

Val shares her memories of the people who lived there in the “memories section” on the website.

Batter Lane 2017

I684 – Batter Lane, 2017.

Batter Lane – 2017

A view known to so many especialy children walking their way to Benton Park School, which can be seen right of centre and moorlan in the far distance. The view has not changed very much since 1947 in the above image J440.

Donated by Emma Thompson.

Consolidated by Elaine Ellwood. 23 April 2021.
Last updated: 30 August 2023 – Photo ID: I684. 24 October 2022 – All images updated.

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