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Buckstone Hall

Buckstone Hall 1900
Title Buckstone Hall
Date 1900
Location Rawdon
Photo ID M103
Comment The land which Buckstone Hall was built on belonged to William Exley, the house was built by Lockwood and Mawson in 1884 for Herbert Dewhirst, son of William Dewhirst.

The house is located off Cliffe Drive an ornate castellated design, the distinctive tower was highly visible and led to the nick-names of “Little Windsor” or “The Castle”.
The Dewhirst family lived there until 1911, Sir Arthur Croft bought the property in 1923.
He had an engineering business in Bradford.
The house became a casino in the 1960s, the property is now divided into 4 apartments.

Buckstone hall 1916

A452 – Buckstone Hall, 1916.

Buckstone Hall – 1916

This image is on a postcard which was sent during the First World War, the message reads:
“Dear Tom, have not much time for writing so sending you a little reminder of Rawdon. Glad to hear you are in good health we are the same. I am looking forward to your safe return home. I will try to grow as much as I can by that time. Best love Nelly” Plus six kisses. It was addressed to:
No 781859 Gunner T Barker
E Sub
37th Howitzer Battery

Buckstone Hall 1960s

L361 – Buckstone Hall, 1960s.

Buckstone Hall – 1960s

A glimpse of Buckstone Hall.
Photographer Charles Lideard, donated by his daughter Christine Hogg.

Previous Comments:

Re L361
Kate Ferguson
Gosh, brought tears to my eyes. Buckstone Hall was the venue for my wedding reception in September 1965. Wonderful venue, poured down all day, but happy memories of the whole area. No longer live in the area , however, live in an equally special place in Cheshire.
23 December 2017.

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